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No description

Marcus Schnell Aabak

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of London

The journey goes to

We are flying to Heathrow airport!
It is located in the center of London.
We will stay at Holly House Hotel
Only 21 kilometres to Heathrow (and 2,1 to centrum
It will cost 4£ to get to London center from Heathrow airport.
20 Hugh Street Victoria London, England
Holly House Hotel
The hotel will cost 196 DKK per person for 1 night. (784 for us both for 2 nights).
We are eating at th
restuarant named
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis means
"were will you go"
in latin
It will cost 100£
to eat at Quo Vadis
It is 890 Danish kr.
Then we are gonna watch a football match
two tickets cost 90£ ( Danish 800kr)
traditional English breakfast
We will eat at Balthazar restaurant. It costs 40£
it is 2,3 miles from our hotel (3,7 km)
First we are going
to see Tower Bridge
its only 4,4 miles so we are walking
And then we are going to see Big Ben
and its only 1,3 miles away
( 2 km)
St. James park
its 1,5 miles away
(2,4 km) we has taking this park because of the beautiful nature
At the park we
are eating a sandwich
We will go shopping at Southbank centre.
We step on at Victoria, and leave at Embankment
At the mall we will buy some John Ireland CD's,
it will cost 9£
We notice an actor making a scene in the street
We keep walking.
We stop by Tea palace for some afternoon tea
It is 2.2 miles away (3.5 km)
it will cost
5- 10£
We will watch a Billy Elliot concert
its 0,8 miles away from our hotel ( 1,2 km)
i will cost 27£
(482 Danish kr)
the last time will we spend in the ST.James park and talk about memories deom the journey
I will buy my mom a English tea cup
I will buy a "mind the gap" t-shirt for my brother.
We used 367£
(3259 DKK)
We have 308£ left (2741 DKK)
black tea
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