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Copy of Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership

No description

Therese Strohmer

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership

The verdict: Explaining Becky's success
Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership
Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr
"Charisma is extremely personal, it is highly irrational, it is very temporary, and, above all, it is especially unusual" - Max Weber
Becky's Background
S - Selfless Service
T - Trust & Tenacity
E- Encourage & Embrace
A - Attitude & Approachability
D - Discipline
F - Family (Friends & Faith)
A - Accountability
S - Standard Setter
T - Teamwork
Leadership Triad
The trait Approach has its strengths
The situational approach gives some context
The contingent approach is even better again
The charismatic & transformational approach seems to be a short-term role
The authentic and inspirational approach seems to best conceptualise Becky's leadership style & success

Born in 1952
Leadership in highschool
Family's role
Very educated
Fast-tracked career
Caroline Kenna
Ciara O'Shea/ Flanagan
Elizabeth Blake
John Doyle
The revolutionary leadership of Rebecca Halstead
Halstead's Philosophy
Lessons from the case
The Great Person Theory
Traits and Characteristics
Goal driven
Open to new experiences
Need for accomplishment
Charismatic Leadership
Situational Approach to Leadership
Leadership style vrs Situation
Fiedler’s contingency theory
Leader-member relations
Task structure
Position power
The charismatic leader appears in revolutionary times
Dissapointment or correction
Gift or devine favour
Appropriate distance
Sense of responsibility
Transformational/ Transactional?
Many traditional expectations and stereotypes about leadership still exist
Women & Leadership
Effective leadership:
being a role model
good interpersonal skills
ability to show consideration of others

- Culturally feminine characteristics

Leadership Behaviours
“The first person you must lead is YOU!”
- http://www.beckyhalstead.com/
Defining Leadership...
Becky Halstead conceptualises it as;
The fusion of heart and mind,
in selfless action,
for the betterment of others,
to effectively accomplish the mission,
and make a difference.
(Turner, Haslam, Reicher & Platow 2011)
The process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contributions to the realization of group goals

Social psychological definition;
Thank You!
Inspirational Leadership
Integrity & honesty
Ethics - Personal values
Lead with their heart
Connect with followers
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