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The Tale of Zachary McClure

No description

Zachary McClure

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Tale of Zachary McClure

The Tale of Zachary McClure
The Tale
Zachary McClure has lived out his life as a smart young man, a tremendous athlete, and a
obedient child. Zach lives in Orlando. He grew up a well-rounded person and continues his legend.
Life Lessons
If there's one thing I have learned in my life it would be, "Work hard in life and get reward
for all your efforts
. -4
A big "Pot of Gumbo"
If I had to compare my life to an object
it would be a big "Pot of Gumbo" because I have many parts in my life
and I throw them together like you would in a pot of gumbo.
His Future
Zachary enjoys solving math problems, implying that he will probably become an engineer or another math profession
Don't tell me what you are going to be, just give hints and clues. -2

-4 total
Describing Gumbo
-Thrown into a pot

-Mixed and Combined

-Unique Ingredients thrown together

This isn't imagery; I cannot draw or visualize this soup based on the above decription.
Smarter than the Average boy!
Once Zach and his cousin competed in a math multiplication competition, and Zach beat his cousin. this contributes to his math skills.
-19= 81/100=B-
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