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Volunteering With Perkins Restaurant "The Giving Tree"

No description

Sarah Taylor

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Volunteering With Perkins Restaurant "The Giving Tree"

GPS Workshop
The GPS workshop is extremely helpful when it comes to learning on how to put this whole thing together! I learned ways to present and this workshop is the reason I went with Prezi. I also learned about upcoming events that are going on at FSW. The GPS workshop helps you to learn what GPS credits count as what. This workshop was helpful and could come in handy to anyone working on the GPS assignment.
Meeting with my Academic Advisor
Meeting with your Academic advisor is always a good thing. When I went to visit my advisor I got on the right track of what classes to take for the whole year of 2015! I got more than what I expected to on my visit, This point for my GPS was easy because it was a Must!
Health & Fitness Fair
I was excited to attend this advent, but sadly it was not as exciting as I hoped it to be. I did make the most of it and gather some information about local vendors and learned some tips on health. It was a small event but a lot of helpful information.
The GPS assignment was a hard task for me considering my schedule but overall I think it was worth it.
I got to learn the campus very well and know my sources, and I also enjoyed some volunteer work around the community.
Financial Literacy Workshop
The financial literacy workshop was a re-run of our presentation in class. Financial literacy is a very important thing in college and it doesn't hurt to hear more than once!
Volunteering With Perkins Restaurant "The Giving Tree"
Every year Perkins gives back to the elderly at local nursing homes. This is a great way to brighten someones Christmas when they don't have a family! Tasks include: picking up presents and delivering new tags for the tree.
This particular activity was defiantly something that was fun to do and it felt good doing it.
Volunteering at Gulf Coast Humane Society
Volunteering at the dog shelter was my favorite GPS! Duties included were: helping with paperwork, giving dogs baths, and feeding dogs.
I would recommend people to volunteer at this location. The process can be difficult because you do have to be approved before you're able to work but it is defiantly worth it!
Date: December 5th
Nov. 29-Dec. 12
Date: Nov.24
In this workshop
I learned ways to
save money while
attending college.
I also learned about
opportunities FSW
offers with jobs to
help you pay off
your education.
Date: Oct. 30
Date: Oct.25
China/America Exhibit
The China/America Exhibit was filled with a lot
of interesting art work. It was a very small exhibit
but the work that was there showed a lot of it's culture and also had description to help comprehend. This was a fun and simple GPS credit.
Games on the Green
Games on the green was a very small group activity, which also was a good thing because it gave me time to socialize with everyone there. There were limited activities but the best part was socializing with new people.
Date Oct. 30
Writing Matters
Writing matters was very helpful
for me. The help I specifically needed
was with sociology online because
it consist strictly of essays. The staff
was very nice and it helped me get an 98%!
Date: Oct 30
Date: Oct. 30
Nov. 4
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