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Web integrations: Life under 60 milliseconds

No description

Gabor Ratky

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Web integrations: Life under 60 milliseconds

Single JavaScript/CSS file
Web integrations: Life under 60 milliseconds
Fewer requests
Smaller requests
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Tools & Monitoring
Thank you!
Gabor Ratky
CTO, Secret Sauce Partners, Inc.

Fit Predictor
millions of page views / day

Amazon: 100ms latency = 1% of sales
Google: 0.5s increase = 20% less traffic
Keynote Performance Index
Internet Retailer
Black Friday / Cyber Monday
CSS sprites
Aggressive cache policy
Optimize images (PNG8, EXIF tags)
Minify JavaScript/CSS/HTML
Compress all the things! (gzip)
Reduce cookie size
Use cookie-free domains
Serve all static content through CDN
Use with aggressive caching
Compare CDNs
Cost vs Performance
YSlow (Yahoo!)
PageSpeed Insights (Google)
Real User Monitoring (New Relic)
Web-based tools
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