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Sugarcane by: Zali

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Sugarcane by: Zali

Facts about sugarcane
40000000 kilograms of Australians sugarcane is made every year and for selling it we get $2 billion each year. In 2002, 525,0000000 kilograms of sugar was produce. 80% of the sugarcane we produce is exported overseas. Australia produces 32-35 mt of sugar and 4.5-5 mt of raw sugar goes across about 4000 cane farming businesses. In 2010-11, Australian sugar exports were worth $2,3666 billion and it came from 3,359 sugarcane farms across Australia. The significance of these numbers to Australia is that all the sugar that has been used, solid and still coming is whats happened around the time sugarcane came to Australia. The numbers are also for whats its worth and farming.
Italian migration
The beginning of Sugarcane
Italian migrants basically built up North Queensland and impacted on the states economic and their social. Italians have shaped all the landscapes through sugarcane plantations. Migrants influence is shown throughout almost every region with annual events and festivals held to celebrate their origins and culture. During the century 1870 and 1970 over 26 million people migrated internationally from Italy. The second of June is the most important day to Italians because thats when they migrated to Australia. The industry made Australia very multicultural because migrants from around the world.
In 1862, the first sugarcane was brought to Australia on the first fleet by Captain Louis Hope and John Buhot. They first tried to grow sugarcane near Brisbane. The sugar cane industry grew and grew migrants from Italy, other European countries and some islanders recruited to come here as indentured laborers for a second or third time. They did this because they thought that Australia would be better for their lives and their families. When migrants had enough money they would buy their own land and get a house and keep getting money. When sugarcane came, people started coming from around the world. The sugarcane shipped to Brazil, the European Union, Thailand, USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia. 40000000 kilograms of sugarcane is grown in a year. We have 3, 359 sugarcane farms in Queensland now. The sugar cane money is around $1.5-$2.5 billion and that was is used to build new coastal towns and to provide income for other many towns.
The websites I got this information
Australian Primary Industries
The History of Sugarcane
Australian Sugar Milling
QFF Queensland Farmers Federation
Jellybean by CANEGROWERS
Plant Health Australia

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