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How to organize a traditional Chinese wedding

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zebin jin

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of How to organize a traditional Chinese wedding

How to organize a traditional
Chinese wedding

Wedding preparation
Wedding in process
Take her/him to visit your parents
1. Check the attitude of parents
2. Get each parent’s benediction
3. Plan for wedding

Bridegroom’s parents send betrothal presents to bride’s home
The betrothal presents should include:
1.Wedding candies (They will be given to guests in wedding)
2.Gold fashions
3.Cigarettes & Wines
4.Food, Fruits & Desserts
5.Money (Usually it would be 88888RMB)

Bride’s parents hold a banquet to Bridegroom and his parents
1.Thank for Brides and his parents
2. Bride and bridegroom would call both parents “Dad” and “Mom”

Arrange wedding venue
1. Find area for wedding banquet(Restaurant or hotel) and wedding host
2. Choose dressing and photographer for wedding day

Send the invitation to friends
Every guest show up on wedding day need prepare a red envelope and put money inside as the wedding present
Bride’s parents send dowry to bridegroom’s home
Dowry should include clothes, furniture and jewelry
In recent years, dowry could be a house or a car

Go to the bride's home to escort her back to the wedding
In ancient China, bridegroom would use sedan chair to escort bride.
In recent years, cars begun to replace sedan chair

The couple enters wedding venue
When the bride is entering wedding venue, she need to step across a brazier, which means fire would destroy everything bad happened on bride in the past.
Teasing the bride and the bridegroom on wedding night
In the wedding day’s evening, the friends of the couple would come to their room and play jokes on them (Especially the bridegroom) until they are satisfied with that. Therefore, bridegroom need fulfill lots of their request.
Zebin jin and xinrui ying
When bridegroom comes to bride’s room, the bride's sisters and close friends intentionally put forward problems to obstruct him into the room, if he wants to come in the room, he need to pass the test
In that day, the bride would use a red cloth to cover her head to make sure nobody else could see her face except the bride.
Bride’s brother or groomsman need pick her up and put her in the wedding car/sedan chair

Bride and bridegroom drink a toast to the guests
Generally speaking, bride and bridegroom need drink a toast to every guest.
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