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Psychological Approaches in a Health and Social Care Setting

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ellen hunter

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Psychological Approaches in a Health and Social Care Setting

Psychological Approaches in a Health and Social Care Setting
Psychological Approaches in Health Care.
CBT is a psychological approach which is commonly used within a social care environment, this theory is based on positive and negative reinforcement, self-soothing, and how self-regulate when feeling anxious.
The individual is meant to learn to reflect on their own behavior, and be able to set their own target and monitor those targets. The individual learns how to consider their behavior due to what social situation they are in, and then learn how to act correctly and refrain the situation.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A psychologist might use this approach to help an individual who suffers with ADHD, and would like a non-medical treatment. By helping the service user learn new techniques and coping strategies like self-soothing, and self-regulation. This means that the service user can then control their behavior without the need for medication, and they will learn how to act in different situations.
The cognitive approach is based upon how we process information, the individuals mental processing skills.
This approach helps people find out what the underlying problem is, then works to help the individual look at that issue in a different light. Its done by making the individual change the way they think and process that certain issue.
This is used for patients who suffer with eating disorders, phobias, or memory problems.
Cognitive Approach
People who suffer from eating disorders go through cognitive therapy so they learn to look at their body in a new light, by seeing and processing their imagine in a different way they can then adjust their relationship with food. This means that the underlying issue is treated, and they can try and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.
Psychodynamic Approach
An example of this approach being used within a social care setting, could be a social worker and a foster carer helping a troubled child. By using different activities the carers can find out what the unresolved issues might be, such as separation anxiety. Using different activities such as art therapy and story writing the child can come to terms with the unresolved issues, and through expressing themselves they can identify why they get anxious when people leave, and a way of coping with it and how to overcome it
The biological approach says that all our actions are inherited from our parents, it believes that mental illness is an abnormality due to faulty genetic. Treatment for this approach is heavily based upon the use of medication, and treatments such as ECT.
Biological Approach in Health Care
A GP could use this approach to help treat a patient who suffers from chronic depression, by prescribing them a course of medication such as Prozac. By treating them using medication, it can be easily controlled which will help the patient with their depression. however the patient can become reliant on the medication which means that the real problem isn't being treated, but its being controlled so its not much as an issue for them and those around them.
Psychological Approaches in Social Care.
Psychology Assignment 2

90 Credit Diploma
Ellen Hunter and Norman Banks

Many psychological Approaches are used with a health care setting, such as within a GPs surgery or used by a memory specialist.
Many psychological approaches are used within a social care setting, social care professionals like psychologists and social workers

Throughout the Health and Social Care Setting many professionals use psychological approaches to help service users overcome any issues.
Different professionals may use different ideas and approaches, why a health care professional might use a cognitive approach to treat an eating disorder, a social care professional might use a humanistic approach.

The psychodynamic approach is commonly used within a social care setting, many professionals like social workers and councilors use this approach to help those who have had a troubled past.
This approach is aimed at those who have had troubled past and suffer from anxiety, attachment anxiety and bad dreams. With this approach professionals will focus on unconsious thoughts and desires of the individual, and helping them realize the issues and help them overcome them through different types of analysis and therapy.
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