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Com 160 - Ever Bilena

No description

Kailee Arce-Ignacio

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Com 160 - Ever Bilena

by The Empire About the brand Ms. Rhona Lee Brand Officer, Direct Sales
Ever Bilena Marketing Department
2011-present - 1983 - Mr. Dioceldo Sy entered the cosmetics industry with the help of Adam Chiang

- initially sold products through wholesale marts and bazaars

- Melanie Marquez and Isabel Granada were pioneer personalities that endorsed Ever Bilena

- biggest competitor (at present) : Avon Products The Company Who is your target market? Ever Bilena - Women

- ages 21 to mid 60's

- professionals, housewives

"those who are on the outlook for high-quality products, yet affordable" EB Advance - women

- young professionals; those who prefer light make up Careline - teenagers,
15 to around 20 years old "In terms of socio-economic class, we target the B-C-D market." - Ms. Rhona Lee Blackwater Junior Blackwater Hayden Fragrances male teenagers premuim, professionals BCD males What forms of advertising and marketing do you use? Above the line Advertising Print Ads Below the line Advertising Trade Merchandising: Drive to Market Strategy "Branding until the last mile - until the point that the consumer takes the product from the shelves.. more of a pull for the customer: why should I prefer you brand over the others?" Direct Sales "Ever Bilena Direct Sales aims to provide every woman to take control of their own lives, build a brighter future for their family and share the beauty of this business to others." (Facebook) What advertising agency do you use? Ever Bilena does not make use of an advertising agency. All marketing and advertising is done in house, except in the case of TV commercials during which they outsource for its production. However, production houses are not utilized but instead independent companies or individuals. How does this affect your sales? - Flagship products, like the Ever Bilena Foundation and Magic Lipstick, are not included in communications because of its already established popularity in the market

Advertisements now are focused on newer products. - It is a natural effect of advertisements to raise market sales immediately after its release For example: BB Cream Campaign
- stocks were cleared in less than 6 months after the release of the campaign How long does the hype last after an advertisement is released? During the first two months, the curiosity of consumers and brand awareness aid in the height of sales.

The third month determines whether purchases are repeat orders or products are only good because they are new. Are there any specific strategies or techniques that you use to effectively advertise your products? Brand positioning "Ever Bilena is positioned as a high-quality product, same as the imported brands but priced affordably to the Filipino woman." Brand Specific Advertising Non-Traditional Advertising Celebrity Endorsers
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