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Experience Design

The creation and designs of the experience for consumers

billy chan

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Experience Design

Experience Design The design for your
Experience. Don Norman From a view of a User
Of User Experience Design DESign the context The Experience
What exactly is it? How tO design Okay... so...
how do I use this? -Advanced Technology Group -Jessie James Garrett -This is the HOLISTIC EXPERIENCE of a user using a website -Who is the audience?
-What are you trying to deliver?
-How are you going to deliver it?
-How does the delivery relate
to your objective in the business?
-How much resources do you have?
-What is your plan of action
to create the product? A journal by, Casper Harteveld et al. -Person's Experience
-Industrial Design
-Manual -Created the Elements -Web as a interactive utility -Defines the Programming as the Content delivery -Discover
-Evaluate Ronald Jones
Describes experience design as:
Working across all disciplines,
to further create a relevant integration between concepts, methods and theories. -Applying Experience Design to
create Engaging experiences and
Socially Interactive games. They found three ways to create games that were more engaging and more socially interactive.
-(PIFF) Presence Involvement Flow Framework
-The real life space
-The socially interactive one
-Design Research
-Adaptive to the sociability
-Single player
-Multi-Player 4 things that form your experience
-Senses Tedde van Gelderen
-ChangSchool Workshop
-Akendi References "Experience Design." Wikipedia.
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"Tedde van Gelderen on Experience Design". 09 February 2010. YouTube. Accessed on 14 October 2012. <http://youtu.be/BB4VFKn7MA4> Harteveld, C., E. T. Thij, and M.
Copier. "Design for Engaging Experience and Social Interaction." Simulation & Gaming 42.5 (2011): 590-95. Print.
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