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Dark Knight Hero's Journey

No description

nick hettmansperger

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Dark Knight Hero's Journey

Dark Knight Hero's Journey
Call To Adventure
Something that spurs the hero to action . The hero is forced to leave everyday life.
Refusal of the call.
The hero must first reject the call to adventure, but they must later accept it. This is the hero's first voluntary step.
Meeting the mentor
This is either the Teacher or the person who walks you though the adventure. Also typically gives the hero and object.
Batman's parents where shot in a an ally after a show when he was a child. He had to live in his parents mansion with the butler, Alfred. Jump to the present : Batman has made Gotham a place where the mob can't operate like normal. They are sacred to trade the "stuff" because of the Batman.
Something is unusual about their life, usually something about their birth or childhood.
Ordinary World
In the Dark Knight, Batman is called to adventure when the joker arrives in Gotham.
Batman doesn't think that the joker is that big of a threat so he continues to try and stop the mob from doing their business.
"One man or the entire mob. He can wait."
In the Dark Knight Lucius Fox is his mentor. He equips him with all new gear that is lighter than ever, BUT, not good against knives and guns.
There isn't necessarily a "threshold" when dealing with batman because he is already a hero. But when he does decide to take on the Joker, his current suit will have some problems. The suit he has is light, so good for running, but it is not good against knives or guns. And the Joker mainly uses knives and guns.
Crossing the threshold
the line between the hero's normal life and the unknown
Batman's main test is to stop the Joker from killing too many people. another test is the situation with the 2 boats. Some of his allies are: Rachel, Gordon, Harvey, Alfred, Lucius. And his enemies are The Joker, and the whole mob.
Tests and allies
This is the bulk of the story, all the tests or challenges the hero has to go though. Plus the allies he has on his journey
Things got a little tricky when the Joker breaks out of the prison, and his men rig a bomb where he is holding Rachel and Harvey. They are in 2 different buildings and batman can only save one of them, but the Joker tells Batman that were Rachel is but it is really Harvey there, so he saves Harvey when he intended to save Rachel. Rachel blows up and Harvey turns into a "villain". He is just mad that Rachel died. And is killing the cops that he thinks are responsible for her death.
Approach the inmost cave
This is when things get the most tricky. the hero doesn't know what is coming, they may even turn around
The Ordeal
This is also the CLIMAX. Its the final and ultimate battle.
The Ordeal in the Dark Knight was when Batman faced the joker in the building. He was about to lose the fight, when he shoots his arm knives at the Joker. Batman then ropes his lets together and lets him hang by his feet off the edge of the building. And this is the last scene with the Joker.
This is when the Hero becomes a true hero. They can either receive an actual object or a personal reward.
Road back
The hero must return home and proved they are a changed person.
In this case the reward is that batman saved Gotham and the people who where on the boats. And he gets the satisfaction that he saved the city. But no physical reward.
There is no journey back, because it happened in the town that he lives in. But at the end he has to run back to somewhere where the police wont find him. (Wayne Manor)
Return with the elixir
Some stories have the hero return with an elixir (medicine). But not all stories.
At the end of the story Batman does gain more respect, but from the people of Gotham. But the police and the government still see him as a threat. He is a vigilante, he does things HIS way. So that is why he has to run and not be found or caught.
For the hero to have been resurrected or reborn, then they must com back with more respect than before they left.
The Dark Knight doesn't have an Elixir in it.
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