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The Cultural Impact of 1984

Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika, Emily Kaczmarek, Emma Shay & Lindsay Walsh (January 2013)

Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The Cultural Impact of 1984

In 2009, this English rock band released THE RESISTANCE; claiming that George Orwell's novel 1984 had a massive influence on the album. MUSE “When I read it this time, I was much more taken with the love story... I read it once in school about 15 years ago and it was all about the politics. But when I read it this time, I was much more taken with the love story in the book between Julia and Winston," explains lead singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy. OUR LADY PEACE This Canadian alternative rock/post-grunge band released SPIRITUAL MACHINES in 2000. This album contains short narrative tracks between songs, during which one of them, the voice states... "In 1949 George Orwell portrays a chilling world in which computers are used by large bureaucracies to monitor and enslave the population in his book 1984." ...firm evidence that this novel influenced the band's writing of this album. DAVID BOWIE Released in 1974, DIAMOND DOGS is a concept album, radiating themes of George Orwell's 1984. Bowie wanted to make a theatrical production of the novel and began writing for it, but was unfortunately denied the rights. Instead, the songs wound up on side two of Diamond Dogs. Excuse my extra pictures :P
I wanna keep them for a bit longer in case I change my mind... ME TOO! The Cultural Impact By: Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika, Emily Kaczmarek, Emma Shay & Lindsay Walsh 1984's Influence on Music Sierra Di Giacomo-Maika with of 1984 hii Lovely Lips Lindsay's 1984's Influence in with Emily Kaczmarek EQUILIBRIUM Equilibrium showcases many of the same themes as
seen in 1984, including the absence of human emotion
and humanity, and rebellion against the government. V FOR VENDETTA V for Vendetta is a perfect example of the
cultural impact of 1984 in movies. It features
the same reliance of the people on the government,
the same lack of privacy, and similar slogans of the Party. BIG BROTHER http://splicd.com/wJRKTZBGZcQ/15/25 Big Brother is a television show created
through ideas shown in 1984. REFERENCES ON
TELEVISION Many television shows satirize 1984,
which often goes unnoticed. http://splicd.com/xspTNMi5-C8/0/10 Television & Film OUR LADY PEACE SPIRITUAL MACHINES MUSE THE RESISTANCE DAVID BOWIE DIAMOND DOGS BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! 1984's Influence on
Arts & Advertising with Emma Shay Code Geass World Map 1984 World Map Blue=Holy Britannian Empire
Green=European Union
Red=Chinese Federation
Brown=Independent http://www.tubechop.com/watch/806688 "1984"
Raphael Vicenzi Apple's 1984 Mac Commercial Sources:
Equilibrium. Dir. Kurt Wimmer. Dimension Films, Miramax Films, 2002, DVD.

V for Vendetta. Dir. James McTeigue. Warner Bros, 2006, DVD.

Wikipedia. n.d. Web. 3 Jan. 2013. ADD SOURCES EVERYONE!
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