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Power Plants..

No description

Rachel Johns

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Power Plants..

How Different Power Plants Work: Coal Power Plants: Hydro Power Plants: Nuclear Power Plants: Solar Power Plants: Wind Power Plants: Geothermal Power Plants: Coal power plants work in three stages to create power. 1. They change the chemical energy that is found in coal to heat. 2. Then they change that to a mechanical energy. 3. And finally, the last part is where they change the mechanical energy to electrical energy, to be used as power. Pro : Con: It is very challenging and dirty to work with coal, and also it causes a lot of pollution. They are known to cause "a public health crisis" from all the pollution. The main source is coal. Coal is easily accessible, and it will outlast oil. Hydro power plants make electricity by forcing water in a dam, to push a turbine, which creates the power. PRO: Con: This way of creating power does not pollute; environment friendly. A bad thing about it is you have to block out large areas of land/water. It disturbs ecosystems. To create power, they burn coal and then it compact it with steam. To get energy they break down uranium, which releases energy. Then they are able to heat water, which creates steam, to create the power. Pro: It uses steam, and therefore is not polluting. Con: When the power plant is not in use, it's very unstable, meaning it can't create energy, but it is giving off radiation that poisons us all. Solar power plants create power by using the sun. The sun causes a reaction in electrons so we can then use it as power. PRO: CON: We will never run out of this kind of resource; we'll always have the sun. We can't use this kind of power plant where there is not a lot of sun. Wind power plants use wind as its resource to create power. The wind would blow and cause a turbine to move, therefore creating energy. Pro: Con: There is tons of wind out there; we wouldn't run out. There isn't always wind, meaning it's not a steady way to create electricity. Geothermal power plants create power by using magma from the Earths mantle. They use the steam and heat from volcanoes, geysers or hot springs. PRO: There's an unlimited amount of resource for this type of power plant. CON: You can't use this power plant anywhere, because you need to be near the resource.
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