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vCoach Update - Nov 2016

No description

Chris Kindler

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of vCoach Update - Nov 2016

Landing Page - by any other name, still just as sweet....
We've all
the templates, but have we
what CAN be done with those templates?
Check these out....

Who'd want to bypass those?!
Well, if they do here's a couple of things we should know......
Thank you!
What's New???
There is plenty to cover & review/refresh with ypSeach. I want to cover some of the basics of ypSearch that might get passed over, and then talk to some of the new changes and changes to come. Let's start with what every searcher sees when they click on a ypSearch ad - the Landing Page!
Other helpful information
The best/fastest way to make
changes to a landing page is by emailing the campaign manager (AFTER the rep creates a case, which allows the CM to have a workflow to follow)
Upon request, a rep can be sent
detailed information about the ad groups' ads and keywords to review with more savvy customers
A little kindness and encouragement go a long way - when having
long and complex asks
of the campaign manager, having a humble and team-oriented attitude has proven to be
to getting things just perfect!
vCoach Update - November 2016
ypSearch - YP CAN DO THAT
The 4 types of ypSeach Campaigns
Campaigns targeted at users searching locally, on their desktops/laptops/tablets
Campaigns targeted at users searching locally, on their mobile devices, with full Internet browsers
Campaigns targeted at users searching outside of the local area, but within the state, on their desktops/laptops/tablets
Campaigns targeted at users searching for the customer by their name on any, and all devices

Improving the Content itself is a key ingredient to a powerful landing page
but we want to also keep it focused
How to request:

Hard and fast rules
No flash or other tech obstacles - Website must be proxy-able
Phone number visible and above fold -To facilitate lead delivery via proxy

At discretion of SAM managers/analysts
CTN should ideally be consistent in all assets on proxy/website

– i.e. there might be a video on the website that shows the advertiser’s original number that will be hard to change to show the CTN
Content and relevancy – i.e. there may be extraneous content on the website that could affect relevancy

Overview of ypSearch MOBILE campaigns…
adjust/modify the bids
to indicate that we are willing to pay more for showing the ads on mobile devices, versus laptops/desktops/tablets

We use m. URLs for ads served fromUsers who click on our ads on a mobile device will be directed to a
mobile Landing Page (separate URL,
that looks like

Our mobile Landing Pages do
feature responsive design
(adapt to
any screen-size
), in other words they are

PPC Campaign Structure
Hierarchical Structure
– Includes budget, geo-targeting, other settings

- Includes keywords and closely related ad text

Business Services
Business Services
fall within the umbrella of a LOB

each contain
campaigns per media partner

Brand, Local, Mobile, National
Business Services
can each be segmented into multiple adgroups

Stay Focused
It’s best to choose the LOBs and Business Services that should be the account’s FOCUS
We recommend
1 LOB per $1,000
in ypSearch,
4 Business Services per LOB
market to everything the advertiser does, but…
focus the campaign to use their advertising dollars most effectively!
(I think everyone here knows this very well!)
-Chris Kindler
aka - Foggy
Salesforce.com Case
What's New NOW
Google Partner Portal Site
We have access to EVERYTHING GOOGLE in terms of Learning & Certification
Reps are Required to complete the Digital Sales Exam Only
has the access and option to become completely Certified in
Problem at hand
We haven't had a company wide Google Certification since
Right now we have
1,200 Non-Compliant Reps
1,000 needs to be renewed
very soon
We are working through 2017 Contract Negotiations with Google. This problem comes up on every call....
Look for a Q4 announcement
What's Coming
Q1 2017

Lifting Restrictions
for Call Recording on HIPA and Financial Categories!
All Reps
with be Certifies to listen to Sensitive Calls
(like the current team members of the ypSearch/Search Pro Group)
Call Tracking News!
Senior Leadership feels that we do not have enough reps enabling call tracking - They want
ad, online or print, to have CTN's.

We can help make it a point of focus and make it a part of how we rep helps make YP the best it can be.
What's Coming Cont.
There are
Multi-Level Courses
being developed for our main product groups (ypSearch, ypDisplay, ypLocalAds, etc)
These courses will have 100, 200, 300 style levels
Short Micro Learnings (Nothing longer than 7 minutes)
Each Product Suite will have a Certification
(We are hoping to have Google Certification be a part of the ypSearch courses)
that Reps Register with their
in order to have accurate tracking -
we're being asked to help reinforce that when this topic comes up
Landing Page News
Google Gives Us Direction and Input on our Landing Pages - They say we're doing it right!
Landing Page Improvements to give a more "Modernized" look is being implemented
Even our
Plain & Generic Landing pages
to give an additional
30% lift in leads
over bypassing and going to a proxy of a customer's site.
Why? Our Landing Pages are focused on JUST giving the consumer what they NEED to know to make a Contact to the business!
- If Bypassing Landing Page
Lead Projections must be
YP has add
Ad Ratings
to our Google Ads. Ratings of 3 or higher can show on the ads themselves giving the ads
More real estate on the screen
High Quality Scores
Improved CTR
- it's not up to us
Search Engines Decide
want to show/push out as part of the ad.
submit our ads with
on it, but since the Search Engine Decides what to show; Ad Ratings, Location & Other Extensions
may not always show!
High Value
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