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Organic Produce

No description

Kimberly Nguyen

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Organic Produce

Organic Produce Emmerleen Basiana Brian Chau Winnie Liu Kimberly Nguyen Many studies and research
conclude that organic produce is not healthier than conventional produce. Functionality, Nutrition, and Cost The consensus... Insufficient evidence that organic food provides any more nutrition than conventional food, and
vice versa! Defining "organic" A comparison of the nutritional value, sensory qualities, and food safety of organically and conventionally produced foods Bourn et al. Organic food: Nutritious Food or Food For Thought? Magkos et al. Effect of agricultural methods on nutritional quality: a comparison of organic with conventional crops Worthington Are Organic Foods Safer or Healthier Than Conventional Alternatives? Smith-Spangler et al. Nutritional Quality of Organic Foods: A Systematic Review Dangour et al. By the Numbers Food Systems Objectives: USDA Definition:
Organic protecting
resources using only
substances conserving
biodiversity Production Nutrients Processing Cost of Organic Produce Cost effects Conventional
Organic farming Exploring health claims of organic produce Understanding
in terms of: Nutrition Organic food and nutrition:
Why people think it's healthier Minimal use of pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals
Minimal residues
Eco-friendly farming techniques Is produce
healthier for you? It doesn't appear to be! Take Home Message: Organic Products 1997: $3.6 Billion
2008: $21.1 Billion
2011: $31 Billion Can people tell the difference between both types of procedures? There are 2 bags of tomatoes, one labeled 626 and the other 139. Rest assured that one bag is organic while the other is conventional. There is inconclusive proof that organic produce is healthier than traditional farming The consumer determines the cost effectiveness of organic farming Have you figured out which is organic? The definition of organic is strictly a political term. Meta-analysis conducted by Hunter et al. Comparison of micronutrients Findings Total micronutrient content was approximately 8.7% higher in organic produce than conventional produce Confounding factors Inclusion/exclusion criteria bias
Dry weight versus fresh weight Conclusion Not enough evidence to confidently say organic foods are richer in nutrients Sales Revenue FAQ Just a Increasing trends: Let's test this out with Paired Comparison! What do organic foods offer me? To what effect does organic farming impact our agricultural economy? Is there substantial evidence to prove that organic foods is healthier? Eco-friendly Certification from USDA Restricted target group (wealthier) Strict Guidelines At our expense... Sample 626 is Organic.
Sample 139 is Conventional. Perceptions of Organic Farming Lower overall yeild Safer?
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