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The Hampton Model of Normal School Industrial Education

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Shauna Mayer

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of The Hampton Model of Normal School Industrial Education

Samuel Chapman Armstrong
Developed a pedagogy and idea designed to maintain within the South a social consensus that did not challenge traditional inequalities of wealth and power
The Hampton Curriculum
Also called "The Hampton-Tuskegee Curriculum"
Centered on the training of the teacher

Armstrong was very committed to teacher training
The Training for Teachers
Armstrong and Washington helped come up with a process called "self-help"
Idea for the practical and moral foundation of the teacher training process
Teachers had to work in small shops or farms
The Students
The teachers were trained to teach the students work habits, practical knowledge, and Christian morals
The New South
Armstrong's Philosophy
Called "Black Reconstruction"
"Hampton's Idea"
The Mission
Train the Common School teachers for the South's black educational system
The Hampton Model of Normal School Industrial Education

The Main Reason
Hampton developed an extensive manual labor routine because the school's faculty believed that a particular combination of hard work, political socialization, and social discipline would mold the conservative black teachers appropriately.
Anderson/Chapter 2
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