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John Stockmeyer

on 21 March 2016

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The Mesolithic Age
Mesolithic Age : Important Information
Inventions and Innovations of the Mesolithic Period
During the Paleolithic age stone tools were developed. Became more refined during the Mesolithic age.
Stone Tools
Stone tools are tools made from
, or tiny chips of stone made from bones.
Also know as the ''Middle Stone Age'' Mesolithic derives from the Greek word (Mesos) ‘middle’ and (Litho) 'stone'

Years in existence : 10,000 B.C - 4,000 B.C

Known as the period of agriculture and the domestication of animals.

During this period communities were built.

What are stone tools?
How was work done previously before the innovation of the stone tools?
During the Paleolithic age, they used smaller pear shaped chunks of stone to kill small animals. These tools would end up breaking .They also used stone tools to start fires.
Example of stone tool used during the Paleolithic time
Stone tools
The Bow and Arrow
The bow and arrow was invented during the Mesolithic age.
How did it assist in completing work?
Stone tools made land management easier. Ground axes were used
to cut down trees for fires.
They were now able construct homes, and create fishing vessels.
It also allowed them to begin hunting bigger animals
Awls made hiding animals fur easier.
Examples of stone tools used:
Ground axes
The Bow and Arrow
Social and Cultural Impact
Led to the development of agriculture and the domestication of certain animals.

Because now early humans had a stable food supply new types of settlements arose.
Smaller bands of societies started forming within these societies ideas, values, and beliefs started to spread.
Craftsmanship slowly increases
Economical and Political Impact
New Techniques began to arise.

Trade amongst different groups starts to happen

No real record of Political Impacts

Paved the way for future innovations
Social and Cultural Impact
Economical and Political Impact
Hey you want a stone flake for that awl
What is the bow and arrow?
The bow and arrow is a projectile weapon
How was work done previously before the invention of the bow and arrow? How did it assist in work?
Before the bow and arrow early humans used spears or flakes(knives) to hunt animals. The spears were not good for long distance hunting so they had to get real close to the animal. When using the the stone tools they would break. After the bow and arrow early humans did not have to far to hunt animals and made it easier to kill animals.
Example of bow and arrow
Social groups increased in size

Gave social groups a safer system of hunting

Started the practice of Archery
Became the dominant weapon used.
More casualties among societies
Men took on more of a leader role because these weapons were bigger
The Mesolithic Age
Fighters also known as Military start to form because there is now weapons to protect the people
By John Stockmeyer
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