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Final Project

No description

Sara Blakeslee

on 8 January 2012

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Transcript of Final Project

Research Goals 1 2 4 3 5 6 To determine how effective JCPenney advertisements have
been in ad recall and recognition with females 25-34. To establish what prevents females 25-34 from shopping online
and how we can change these perceptions. To discover if females 25-34 feel their own style is reflected in JCPenney merchandise. To learn how past experiences have shaped 25-34 year old female’s opinions opinions of JCPenney. To discover how the atmosphere and layout of JCPenney stores and its competitors positively and negatively affect females 25-34. To better understand the attitudes and types of females 25-34 that shop in JCPenney stores as well as its competing stores. Methodolody The participants in our interviews were all females between the ages of 26 to 34. All participants had established relationships with team members Of the five interviews, three interviews were conducted at a Starbucks, one interview was conducted at an Atlanta Bread Company, and one interview was conducted at a team member’s home. Our interviews lasted from 17 minutes to 39 minutes. Lucky Penney! Interview Findings When asked about online shopping.... "It doesn't matter what kind of discount you give me, I am not going to buy pants online." Recommendations Recommendation 1: We recommend JC Penney take time to focus
more of their Sales Advertising in direct e-mails to females 25-34. focus more advertising of JC Penney in e-mails and direct marketing
if she does happen to catch an advertisement on the television, she then leaves the area to do something else while the commercial airs.
“tends to pay more attention to [advertisements] if they’re in an email.” Alex Smith
Emily Hall Sara Blakeslee
Corinne Kelley Hannah Nowalk
Perry Dube Interview Guide Highlights Have you seen a JC Penney advertisement?
-How recently?
-How does it make you feel?
How do you describe your style?
-Where would you go to find items that suit your style?
-What about for home goods? Please describe in detail what you think a JC Penney shopper looks like.
-What does her style look like? Do you prefer shopping online or in a department store?
-What advantages and disadvantages come with your respective choice and its alternative?
-Could any changes be made to alter your opinion?
What personal experiences have you had with JC Penney merchandise? How our interviewees
describe their personal style... What do you think a JC Penney shopper looks like? Recommendation 2: We recommend that JC Penney emphasizes better return policies and shipping fees online. Recommendation 3: Through our observational research, we recommend JCPenney change the atmosphere and layout of the store.
Recommendation 4: Focus on advertising accessories and home goods more so than clothing on JC Penney’s online store. Recommendation 5: We recommend that JC Penney use celebrities as endorsers and as brand representatives. “I am pretty sure that I am classic modern. I am
looking for classic pieces that have a modern flair. “ “Gap. Causal classic. I don’t do business suits or business attire
so I don’t need to go to a department store. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. “ “I would say current, not necessarily teenage trendy, but I try to buy things that are current. I don’t want to look like the old lady with the mom jeans” “They are probably middle or lower class. I imagine an overweight
white woman with children. She is probably an unhappy person.” “She probably wears pants with an elastic waist band and maybe a t-shirt with little teeny tiny flowers, a small print, that probably is not very attractive.” People of JC Penney no shoes? if JC Penney increases its circulation of incentives online
both on their website and in emails such as no shipping cost,
no return rate shipping cost, and hassle free returns policy
One interviewee claimed that she would love to shop in her pajamas.
JC Penney already absorbs the return shipping costs, but since none of the interviewees knew about it, JC Penney can capitalize on this store attribute without even changing their store. JC Penney
Christmas Display vs. Macy's Christmas
Display In-store Visits Store Rankings Macy's = Kohl's = Target = JC Penney= Walmart = The layout was well executed, allowing the store to be clean and uncluttered.
Nice music selection playing throughout the store added to an obviously enjoyable shopping experience.
Notable brand names and celebrity endorsements enhanced the selection even further.
The second floor seemed to less focused upon than the first, that is it did not have the same attention to detail. No music was playing in the store, which made the surrounding seem a tad bit dull.
Bring in notable designers and celebrities which greatly enhance their product line, such as Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad.
It seemed that more items were discounted than not. It is difficult to ignore the large diversity of Target merchandise.
The prices are quite cheap, but the products do not seem to fail in quality.
The brand names for Target are less impressive than the other competitors of JC Penney, but the clothes are stylish and we saw many young women browsing through the clothes and accessories.
Although music is absent from the store, the environment is clean and welcoming. Walking into the store the presence of harsh iridescent lighting is unavoidable.
The word cheap, however, can also be used to describe the product quality, not just the price.
If someone is looking for clothes, Walmart is not ideal. Shopping for groceries, home décor, toys, or appliances, Walmart is the perfect choice with its low prices and large variety. Upon visiting JC Penney, the main focus of our research, it was apparent that they were below the majority of their competitors in almost every measurable category.
The store was cluttered, and even appeared to be somewhat unclean. There did not seem to be any system of organization within the store, and navigation was overwhelmingly difficult.
Their shopping seemed to be more of a chore than a recreational activity.
Everything seemed to be low quality, and would be most adequately described as cheap. Celebrity endorsements were few and far between.
The store contained both an upscale hair salon and an entire section devoted to Sephora, a well respected brand of beauty products. Past experiences with JC Penney These women remember JC Penney with nostalgia because of their childhood shopping with their moms, but do not feel the need to shop there now at all. They all needed awhile to think of a past experience, and one woman could barely remember any experience she had had with JC Penney at all. “They already looked like they were falling apart. Their clothes should not look like they have been well-worn before they leave the store.” “Return policies could be made easier online, then I would shop online more.” Questions or Comments? walking into a disorganized department store eliminates the anticipated enjoyment of shopping.
The products need to be shown in more appropriate lighting as to accentuate their positive characteristics. The increasing the lighting will also wake up the guests and they will be more excited to explore three of our five interviewees stated how they would only purchase accessory items online.
Our interviewees expressed more comfort in purchasing accessories online because that they did not have to worry about the product’s size. the use of celebrities in JC Penney commercials could enhance the reputation of the JC Penney brand.
Macy’s and Kohl’s sell celebrity brands such as at Kohl’s there is a an affordable line of clothing designed by Vera Wang.
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