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Codes and Conventions of a Horror Movie

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Zoe Carroll

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Codes and Conventions of a Horror Movie

Codes and Conventions
of a Horror Movie Sub-Genres ACTION HORROR
This type of horror combines the scare-factor, along with fights, chases and other elements you would find in an action movie. It is usually fast pace, with an element of tension.
For example: Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil, Underworld. COMEDY HORROR
This genre combines the element of comedy and horror, easing off the gore and horror slightly by adding humor, but this is usually black comedy. For example: Shaun of the Dead, Gremlins, Beetlejuice. SLASHER HORROR These types of horror usually include a lot of gore and blood. A slasher horror often includes a psycopathic killer, who is mentally unstable using violent weapon such as an axe, or a knife to murder his victims.
For example: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th SCI-FI HORROR
This will usually include some kind of supernatural alien, or even a scientist with an experiment that has gone wrong and released something deathly and violent.
For example: Apollo 18, Alien, Doom PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER
These types of horrors usually rely on the characters feelings and beliefs to create a plot and tension. Emotional stability and mental patients are sometimes included to create a sense of reality for the audience. Many sound effects are used to help create fear and tension in these movies.
For example: Silent Hill, Shutter Island. SUPERNATURAL HORROR
These horror movies include some kind of demon or ghost that is haunting the main character. All through the movie one character or family is targeted, then resulting in a catastrophe inside the family home. These movies have a very eerie and spooky feel and one of the scariest out of all the horror movies.
For example: Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, Insidious ZOMBIE HORROR
These horrors are all about the living dead. This will have some kind of disease which turns the living into a zombie. This infection can spread through towns or cities causing massive problems.
For example: 28 Weeks Later, I Am Legend, Dawn of the Dead A horror film is designed to scare and play on the audiences emotion. There are many different sub-genres which may scare a member of the audience more or less than another. Horror movies deal with the audience's biggest fears and are mostly very realistic to really set in a sense of reality to the audience, scaring them further.
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