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Induction Training

No description

Natalie Clark

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Induction Training

Our theory?
Where we began...
What we have achieved so far
How we achieved this.
Arbor Green Nursery's Induction Training
(Practice and theory)

Award winning nursery x 2 (NDNA and Nursery World Awards)

Eco Flag x 2

Healthy Early Years level 3 (first partner provider to receive this)

5s across the board from Education Scotland

Grade 6's across the board from Care Inspectorate

Introduced online learning journals to schools and nurseries across Scotland and England
Listening to children
Observing children
Consulting with parents, professionals, staff and children
Hard work and dedication
We have embedded Froebel into our practice.
The basic principles of Froebel we embed
A recognition of the uniqueness of each child's capacity and potential

A holistic view of each child's development

An ecological view of mankind in the natural world

A recognition of integrity and it's own right

A recognition of the child as part of the community
It is your job as practitioners to provide the children with a Froebelian experience
Free Access to all areas of nursery
Working with Bouncing Bunnies 3months - 2 years
Ensure basic needs are met!!

Build attachments between staff children and parents

If a child is upset, attend to the child!!

Build a routine (sleeps, walks, nappy changing, playtime)

Ensure children are clean and dry

Look at individual child's development needs

When older children have access to sensory room they will have to be calm and careful

Working with Happy Hedgehogs 2-3 years
Build attachments with children and parents

Look at individual child's development needs

Work with parents and child to help with toilet training when required

Areas have been made safe for all ages of children

Have access to garden anytime of day but our duty to ensure they are dressed for the weather

Help children gain independence but ensure they are supervised
Ensure safety, development and learning needs are met, training is ongoing.

Areas are risk assessed

Environment is continually being improved so we can offer a learning environment that meets all children's learning needs

Monitor practice to ensure children and staff are calm and stimulated

Ensure children have access to resources and given the opportunity for uninterrupted play

All children have the opportunity and encouraged to be creative
Working with Rocky Raccoons 3-5 year olds
Work in partnership with parents

Further learning opportunities linked to the curriculum for excellence

Encourage the children to gain independence

Larger areas to learn

Becoming more responsible for the whole nursery

Gain lifelong skills

Work with parents and children to prepare the children for the transition to school
Rolling Snack
What this means:

Snack will be open from 8.15 - 10.30 then again 2.00 -3.15

Younger children will be supervised and still taken to snack

Children will be monitored to ensure they don't over eat

Older children will also be encouraged to eat snack

Snack will be recorded and monitored online
Examples of ways you can achieve this
Welcoming children and parents to the nursery
As part of nursery life we want children and their families to feel welcomed into a friendly environment.

Always acknowledge the child and parent when you see them. Say "hello" ask "how they are" This is simple good manners and good practice.

Ensure the child is secure to play, this may mean you sitting with them, comforting them or leading them to an activity or their friends.

Make sure theparents have communicated anything about the child for example medication, if they haven't slept well. Make sure you write any relevant information in the community care folder located in the cupboard in the art area

Say bye to the parents and if their child is upset let them know they can call to check how the child has settled or let them know we will call if we can't settle the child


Key person
As a practitioner you will have key children
Being a key person
what it means (and what it does NOT mean...)
Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and / or key person
Help child become familiar with setting and do settling in sessions with your child and their family.

Develop genuine bond with child and parents

Help child feel safe and secure

Build on child's learning

Ensure your key childrens observations are up to date

This does not mean:

Kp must be there ALL the time (parents can't even do this)

That the child cannot interact with any other staff - kp should help this not hinder
"At Arbor Green we strive for our children and their families to be happy. It is your job to ensure this happens"
Introduction to Froebel clip

Examples of Arbor Greens practice
Q and A
Sensory play
Developmental benefits for all ages
Making sense of the world
Language development
Fine motor skills
Block play
Learning opportunities

Heuristic Play
Extended concentration

Exploration through trial and error methods

Extension of imaginative thoughts

Independent decision making

Fine motor skills (writing skills)

Mathematical thinking and reasoning

Cognitive development
What do the children gain from heuristic play?

We are looking forward to YOU becoming part of this!!
Arbor Green Nursery Overview
Registered by the care inspectorate for 56 children aged between 3months and school age.

We follow a Frobelian approach

We believe children should be listened to

Children have free access outdoors in all weathers

We offer activities such as forest schools, yoga, swimming, language lessons, animal handling

Everyone, children, parents and staff should be respected and listened to!!
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