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NodeJS for Dummies

A simple explanation of NodeJS (single event dispatch) versus Threaded-Based Concurrency

rich schiavi

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of NodeJS for Dummies

for Dummies imagine a web site as a happy switchboard (computer) and operator (request handler) to scale, you decide to hire more operators (like a Thread-Based Concurrency Model) these operators all need to be co-ordinated and managed (mutex, threads) and that's alot of moving parts and people. what if you could just have one super operator? the happy operator takes incoming requests, plugs the board to get your data, when the data is ready, she responds to you while the happy operator waits for responses, everything blocks , and no new requests are handled, until that call is connected the operators aren't so happy any more. the cans of whoopass , electricity bills, new fancy multi-operating switchboard, and operators costs start to add up. and these operators don't like being managed by mutexes. they want to be free like an octopus with a gagillion arms a bagillionopus a single uber octo bagillion operator
no need for managers (mutexs,etc)
and while one octo-arm is waiting
other requests are handled with other arms
without need for any locking, or overhead. now you are not a dummy but wait! your VC's say, "just throw money at the problem and buy some hardware, "the XZZYZ framework" is fine, and hip happy operators are cheap". but you are no dummy, you didn't
take VC, you are a rebel. . ..so you think one can of whoopass
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