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The Inuit - Sean Hosteller

No description

sean hosteller

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Inuit - Sean Hosteller

How did the Inuit survive without eating any plants?
- Too cold to grow crops
animals was main food source
- Raw meat had more vitamins than cooked meat and it was healthier for their diet

Why was storytelling important?
The Inuit - Sean Hosteller
- The raw fish, whale skin,
reindeer stomach, and sea mammal organs contained enough vitamin c to help them get through life without any vegetables.

- It was their main source of entertainment
- During the cold days they would spend much time telling stories
-Girls revived a story knife
- It was their way of passing myths, history, and legends on
They Tell Their Stories in an igloo
Every one come together when its time for storytelling
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