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Office of Annual Giving - JMU

Presentation prepared for the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Overview of the Office of Annual Giving at James Madison University.

Kelly Snow

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Office of Annual Giving - JMU

Office of Annual Giving
James Madison University
164,526 e-mails/solicited
0.3% response rate
$249 average gift
$91,420 raised
Good example:
M4E LYBUNTS (people who gave to M4E last year)
1,899 solicited
4.5% response rate
$172 average gift
$9,455 raised
On-line giving
Recurring Gifts
Text and Mobile Giving
Social Media
Make your own gift
Encourage your peers to stay engaged with and support JMU
Qualify/Recommend Major Gift prospects
Provide input on some of our solicitation projects
Share ideas for how to reach the masses
Consider JMU in your estate plans
Continue to promote JMU in a positive way
Who do we solicit?
How do we solicit them?
Tactical Efforts
Direct Mail
What do we do?
We maintain, nurture, strengthen, and grow
JMU's family of giving.
Kelly snow
Director of Annual Giving
James Madison University
Who are we?
Kelly Snow
Samantha Royer
Office Manager
Taylor Schwalbach
Assistant Director
Strategic Marketing
& Stewardship
Matt Salvatore
Assistant Director
Telefund & Campus
What does that
really mean?
Facilitate opportunities for constituents to support JMU on an annual basis, providing immediate impact on Madison's Mission.
Any gift under $25,000.
Foundation for sustained support.
Cultivating the masses, $25 at a time.
Programmatic Efforts
President's Council
Employee Giving
Student Giving
Volunteer Initiatives
Office of Alumni Relations
Office of Planned Giving
Office of Major Gifts
Annual Giving is the pipeline for major gifts!

Much of our work helps inform and qualify prospects.
Loyal giving leads to planned gifts.

Reunion classes are good planned giving audiences.

Create awareness.
Engaged alumni give.

Peer-to-peer giving is 70% effective.

OAR programming lead to giving efforts, e.g. students, reunions.
President's Council
JMU’s premier annual giving society, in its 8th year of existence

Currently recognizes all gifts

Quarterly newsletters to members

Include in special events as appropriate

Currently evaluating structure and future of this program
Employee Giving
Our most successful program

37% participation among full-time employees in FY12!

Strategic six-week campaign with volunteers across campus

Payroll deduction opportunities
Student Giving
Program being resurrected this year in partnership with Alumni Relations.

Student Alumni Association will be the sponsoring organization of the student giving effort.

In theory, student giving and awareness will lay foundation for future alumni giving.
Volunteer Initiatives
A key initiative for this year, since peer-to-peer fundraising has a 70% success rate.

This approach is what will ultimately move our alumni donor number

Launching several pilot programs with a few select groups of alumni

Trying to create as successful a program as possible with limited resources

Collaborative effort across University Advancement division

Reunion classes - great examples.
Alan Maynard
Assistant Director
Student Engagement
Assistant Director
Volunteer Initiatives
Correct and up-to-date contact information
Misconceptions and Common Objections
Staffing and Resources
Industry Trends and Communication Saturation
Good example:
Alumni invoice mailing
7,200 solicited
18% response rate
$94 average gift
$76,545 raised
$0.02/$1.00 raised
Bad example:
SYBUNT M4E Scholarship Letter
7,450 solicited
0.91% response rate
$124 average gift
$6,590 raised
$0.25/$1.00 raised
Direct Mail
21 mailings
77,000 solicited
3.15% response rate
$134 average gift
$204,000 raised
Student staffed fundraising effort
35-40 student callers and 4 student managers
Calling runs from September – May
Weekly calling schedule: Sunday-Thursday
16 callers per shift
Approximately 145 call shifts per year
Other key stats:
Cost to raise a dollar: approximately .20
Will complete about 28,000 calls in FY13 (does not include answering machines, busy signals, or callbacks)
Will contact about 19,000 prospects in FY13 (alumni, parents, friends)
37% participation rate (national average 30%)
•33% credit card rate (national average 25%)
$118 average gift thus far in FY13
$325,000 raised to date in FY13 vs. $374,000 total in FY12
Accurate contact information – cell phone numbers
Reactivating lapsed donors
2 consecutive years with 100% caller participation (to M4E Scholarships)
Participated in first ever Madison Forever Day
2nd consecutive year participating in the MLK candle lighting ceremony
Madison Connection Day on the Commons – promoting MC and Student Giving
Active participants in student giving campaign
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