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Taylor Swift

No description

harpreet sandhu

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

Personality Analysis Project
Taylor is at the Esteem level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs because she has passed all of the previous levels before esteem as you go up the hierarchy of needs pyramid.
BIG 5 Personality
Which theory worked best in describing the personality and behaviour of your subject?
Taylor Swift
Thanks for listening!
Trait Heritability
openness 0.57%
extroversion 0.54%
conscientious 0.49%
neurotisim 0.48%
agreeableness 0.42%

Conscientiousness - medium/high
Agreeableness - high
Neurotisim -medium
Openness - high
Extroversion - medium
Taylor is more ego than super-ego and id, because she is dealing with reality and trying to meet the desires of the ID in a way that is socially acceptable in the world.
she has fulfilled obtaining her physiological, safety and love/belonging aspects of the hierarchy of needs and is still gaining more from the level of self-esteem.
She is yet to obtain the level of self-actualization because she is not at that point in life where she has realized what morals and values she lives for and who she truly is within this day and age.
The theory that worked the best for me was Humanism, because after looking through all the information, I found that connecting Taylor Swift's information to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs was the best way to put in perspective what she valued in her life to be the most important and how that shapes her as an individual.
According to the Big 5 Personality test, Taylor scored high in agreeableness and openness, she scored medium/high in conscientiousness and she scored medium in neurotisism and extroversion.
The results of this test were surprisingly pretty accurate to Taylor's personality.
Personally, I don't see any defense mechanisms that she uses, although her some of her songs have portrayed reaction formation and denial.
Psychoanalysis Theory
Taylor's response to this Projective test: "It looks like a broken heart with a face, two acorns in the corners and a heart with devil horns."
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