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Indoor Air Quality

Presentation for the National Tribal Forum on Air Quality for IAQ session

Angela Benedict

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Indoor Air Quality

Thank you for your attention!
MOLD IS THE SYMPTOM MOLD Mold is on your cheese.
Mold is on your leather boots.
Mold is in your shower.
Mold is in your school Where is MOLD? Indoor
Air Quality
Inspections Angela Benedict
SRMT Environment Division
Air Quality Program Mold inside of walls.
Mold in air handling ducts.
Mold in crawl spaces. WHAT ARE THE HIDDEN
PROBLEMS? We use a Solomat IAQ Surveyor to perform all of our inspections
We also have a non-destructive moisture meter to check behind walls for moisture
Other things we have checked for are noise levels, bird and bat infestations and odors. IAQ Surveyor IAQ Instruments Mold
Curiosity IAQ Inspections CO
Fuel Oil/Kerosene
Dead animals Odor Respiratory
Lethargic Illness A lot of times someone sees
something on TV and then they
think they have it.
I get more calls the day after mold and IAQ segments are broadcast Curiosity SAINT REGIS MOHAWK TRIBE
ANGELA.BENEDICT@SRMT-NSN.GOV Angela Benedict Air Quality Program Manager
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