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Decades Project

No description

Connie Joyce

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of Decades Project

What Happened
During the Decade? The 1970s The 1940s The 1910s Now What? The New Deal John F. Kennedy Jazz Music September 11, 2001 Immigration World War I The Progressive Era Earl Warren Jimmy Carter Disco AIDS Challenger Explodes Television Waco Raid Plessy v. Crow Railroads Grover Cleveland Chernobyl Disaster The Refrigerator "D Day" Model T Ford Child Labor Use Your Online
Catalog to Find Books LOHS Library Web Site
http://lohslibrary.com catalog
here Description call
number title call
number click
here URL Description Be careful with search terms!
Use one or two words vs. a sentence
Think of synonyms for your topic
Broaden your topic
Example: Presidents vs. Bill Clinton Student
Resource Center LOHS Library Web Site
password: grizzlies click
here Place search
term here Type of
resource Type of
Saves time! GET THIS
DOWN! Original publication info 1. Decide on 4-5 topics
2. Use the library catalog and locate source on topic
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