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Go Ask Alice

No description

sam s

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice Exposition: Alice was slipped drugs.
Rising Action: Gets with the wrong crowd and wants to try more drugs.
Climax: She got addicted to drugs.
Falling Action: Tries to quit drugs but was slipped drugs again, goes to insane asylum.
Resolution: Dies. Characters Setting Plot The main character of this book is Alice. Alice is a 15 year old girl drug user. Some important other characters would be her mother, father, brother Tim, sister Alexandria, Gran, Gramps, and two good friends Chris and Joel. Summary This story is a about a 15 year old girl drug addict. The diarist was slipped drugs at a party and it turned her whole life around. She got addicted to drugs and made very poor decisions. The Diarist ran away from home two times and made who she thought was a friend. She tried to quit drugs but once again she was slipped drugs, this time the drugs made her go crazy and was sent to a insane asylum. Once she returned home she was done with drugs and decided not keep a diary anymore. Three weeks after her decision not to keep a diary her parents found here dead on floor. There was not a specific city, town, or state mentioned in the book, but it was a small town she was living in. Alice ran away to Oregon and San Francisco, California. Theme The worms and maggots represent her loneliness in her dream, and when the worms and maggots were pushing her into a coffin that represented the kids pushing her to do drugs. Symbolism The theme of this book is don't do drugs!
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