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Edible Uni

Student Committee

Oliver Bayfield

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Edible Uni

Foundation Drive Phase 2 Extra Projects Core * Students and staff tending

* Maintenance: physically and socially!

* Maintaining interest through
innovation * Turn unused spaces into
communal growing spaces Student Committee Edible Uni SUMMER TERM Anything additional to installing
beds and tending to them... Networking Links with other groups Student Committee * Promote sustainable practices Phase 1 * Facilitatng The Spaces The Thinking * Year-after-year... * Provide food * Improve aesthetics * Inclusivity and Sustainability * Shared responsibility and
personal value in campus
community (planning, doing, distributing, involving) * Guard against failure * Support network (fresh, local, free, organic) (accessibility!) (community spirit) * Improvements, enhancements,
features * Working with other groups * Extra fun * Ideas + Advice
* Interest + Support
* Social
* Donations + Financial aid (a) Langwith (4-6)
(b) Derwent (6-10)
(c) Forest garden OR Alcuin SPRING TERM * Installation & planting * (d) Halifax, Vanbrugh, Fairfax, allotment(!) Events:
- Go Green Week '13 (6)
- Edible York Networking Day (10) Whilst planting + enhancing... * Extra projects & engagement * (a) Late planting
(b) Essentials e.g. irrigation
(c) Extra projets (bit o' fun)
(d) Summer strategy Doing Getting a crew
together... Community Coordinator Supporting maintenance of a bed and its people Shouting about it... Publicity Strategy
Coordinator Innovative ways of
reaching people Teaching... Education
Coordinator Novel ways promote
the aims Getting us together... Wider Community
Coordinator Speaking to community groups and individuals Redundancy
Workload Forest Garden
+ other novel permaculture methods Painting (Vanbrugh) Brightening up! Guerilla Gardening Outside the beds...
Spare space, seed bombs, floating, baskets Projects with other groups... - Environment & Ethics
- People & Planet
- Edible York
- Other edible groups
- Cantines
- Other societies Go Green Week
Week 6 (11-17th Feb) Edible York Networking Day Week 10
(16th March) Shared Planet 2013
Annual national
People & Planet conference A day of our own...? Yorkshire in Bloom
(RHS Britain in Bloom)
Annual competition - 2013 theme:
Edible Britain ! - Northern SAW (Feb 16th)
- Sustainable York (Jan 26th)
- ...
- ...
- ... Events
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