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Quality Score

No description

Pierre Gamble

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Quality Score

Vertical Tax = Bidding to make it to top spot

At Start of Campaign: Bids should be higher than normal

Bidding is considered a part of the quality Score

Suggested Starting Strategy: Auto Bid

Course of Action: Research Bidding Startegies
Historical Performance
The more "Hits" a page has the more quality is assigned to that page, Ad, and Account

With more "Hits" from Ad's the Expected Click Through Rate will Rise

With Higher Quality Score based on Historical Performance, certain extensions become available

Tracking Weekly Performance is Key to Making Changes and Improvements

Course of Action: Set reminders for Weekly Review Dates
Click Through Rate
CTR= Ratio of how often people who see Ad click on it

CTR Formula: # of Clicks/# of Impressions
Impressions: Amount of People that view Ad

How to Build To CTR:
Choice of Ad words
Physical Display of Ad
Using Extensions
Relevancy of Ads
Relating Ads by Narrowly Defined Groups

Course of Action: Research Ad Designs for Ad's at top of list
The Quality Umbrella
Over time, an unstated quality score is built for each account

This internal quality metric is used by Google as a base score for your account

This score is based on each Ad's quality which is averaged over time

This score is also based on other factors of quality
Ad Relevance
Words and Tags on page are closely related to Ad

When ad clicked user brought to relevant Landing Page based on Ad

Ad Displays Correct Information about Item and Business Advertised

Ad's Grouped together should be of Similar Item Advertised

Course of Action: Design Different Ad groups

Keyword Relevancy
Keyword Relevancy is two Pronged:
What people are searching for
What is being advertised

The Goal: the match the advertised with the Searched

Describe Unique Traits in Ad with Keywords:
Sale Items
Next Day Shipping

Course of Action: Designate group of words for first set of advertisements, then research using Google Trends, Google Analytics, and the Gadget.
Landing Page Relevance
Ad should direct user to Exact Item Advertised

Words and Tags on page are closely related to Ad

Page should be easily navigable and clear in content

Pictures and description, with pricing, and links to similar items adds to Quality Score

Course of Action: Research if changing tags can be facilitated In-House or involved FireFly
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