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Template Maintenance

6) Daily Templates

Ivan Bartonico

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Template Maintenance

CORE Training
Template Maintenance:
Daily Templates

There are 3 ways to create a daily template:
Activity 2.1: Create Daily Template
1) Build/Add a unique template for a specific date
2) Copy a standard template to a specific date.
3) Schedule an appointment.
When you schedule an appointment, CARE will automatically create a daily template by copying that day's standard template.
Method 1: Schedule an Appointment
Schedule a FU appointment for your patient
and resource on the following days/times. In these examples, use
Ordering Physician 00137
, and
Ordering Svc 453
After scheduling the appointments, access
RS501 (option 17) and view the daily template that has been created for each day.
a) Monday, 11/18/2013 @ 0800
b) Friday, 11/15/13 @1600
You will typically copy from a standard template for a day when the resource needs a schedule that is identical or similar to a standard template on the system but is different from their normal schedule.
Method 2:
Copy a Standard Template
1. Monday, 10/28/13
2. Tuesday, 10/29/13
You will typically create a unique template, from scratch, when the resource needs a schedule that is different to any standard template on the system and is also different from the normal schedule.
Method 3:
Add/Create a New Daily Template
1. Wednesday,
2. Thursday, 10/31/13
3. Friday, 11/1/13
4. Monday, 11/4/13
There should be TWO sets of Quota and Overbook blanks:

Quota____ Overbook____
Quota____ Overbook____
Activity 2.2: Revise a Daily Template
1)Tuesday, 11/5/13
2)Wednesday, 11/6/13
3)Thursday, 11/7/13
4)Monday, 11/11/13
Activity 2.3:
Block/Unblock Appointment Days/Times
1. Block Monday, 11/4/13 through Thursday, 11/7/13.
2. Unblock Wednesday, 11/6/13 through
Thursday, 11/7/13.
3. Block Tuesday,10/29/13.
4. Notify the patient that the physician will be out and reschedule all appointments.
1. Tuesday, 11/12/13
2. Wednesday, 11/13/13
3. Thursday, 11/14/13
4. Friday, 11/8/13
5. Friday, 11/15/13 at 1230
6. Wednesday, 11/13/13
7. Thursday, 11/14/13
Practice Set 2: Daily Templates
1. Tuesday, 11/19/13 at 0730
2. Wednesday, 11/6/13 through Friday,11/8/13
3. Monday, 11/18/13
4. Wednesday, 11/20/13
5. Thursday,11/21/13
6. Thursday, 11/25/13
7. Friday, 11/22/13
Practice Set 3: Daily Templates
1. Tuesday, 11/26/13 at 1630
2. Monday, 11/18/13 through
Friday, 11/22/13
3. Wednesday, 10/30/13
4. Wednesday, 11/27/13
5. Thursday, 11/28/13
6. Wednesday, 12/4/13
7. Friday, 11/29/13
Practice Set 4: Daily Templates
Copying won't work if a template already exists for that day.
A template for this day cannot exist yet in order to copy a standard template.
If you are rescheduling the appointment to within the next month, call the patient and verbally confirm with them.
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