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Alex Dangerfield

on 8 May 2016

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Dual compartment food jar
2 seperate compartments which lock to retain temperature
Stainless steel compartment
features Thermos™ vacuum insulation
keeps contents hot for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 7 hours
when refrigerated, warm contents will stay warm
intergrated carrying handle
Capacity: Stainless Steel Compartment: 470ml, 590ml
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.0 x 13.5 x 23.0cm
Mobile kitchen kit allows you to cook without the need of much space; it contains everything you need to cook a meal. The top lid can be used as a cutting board while inside the container can be used as shift sink; it is fitted a flexible induction cooking pad, spatula, strainer, cutting and peeling knives, sauce pan, wooden spoon, and skillet. I think it provides just about everything you need to make a successful portable heating device for any type of meal due to the vast range of equipment it can hold. For me this is the main benefit of this product along with that it is of a compact size.

As inter-railing is becoming more and more popular, people choose to share their photos and videos on Social media, the most common for this being Instagram.

When searching the hashtag #interrailing on instagram, thousands and thousands of photos are found. Today people share their lives on social networking sites to update their friends and families on their experiences.
At Land Rover they are world leaders in the area of aluminium body construction for cars. The use of aluminium in an automotive application brings many benefits in terms of weight savings, improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, increased crash safety and even better vehicle dynamics.
- castings
- extrusions
- made from recycled material
- land rover want to increase this to 75% in the future
- less fuel is used to ship lighter cars

Who are Land Rover?
What is it?

Inter-railing is a budget friendly way of travelling around Europe seeing a range of cities. Travellers will purchase their desired 'pass' depending on the length of their trip. With one ticket you can freely travel on Europe's trains for up to a month.
Sightseeing and Restaurants
-Gondolas in Venice
-Auschwitz in Poland
-Sightseeing in Berlin
-Plitvice lakes National Park in Croatia
-Canal boat tour in Amsterdam
-Beer Gardens in Prague
-Eiffel Tower in Paris
-Colosseum in Rome
-Cabaret in Paris
-Ancient Ruins in Greece
Background and History
1947- in the sand of a beach in Wales, chief designer of Rover MAURICE WILKS designs original Land Rover defender
- had centre steer, jeep chasis, milarity green paint left over from the war, tested on banana oil
1948- first official land rover launch
1958- series II launched > 1961- series IIA launched
1967- Rover becomes part of Layland motors (BL) as Rover Triumph
1970- Range Rover launched, aimed more at the mass market than previous
1971- Series III defender launched
1974- Abandons US market
1989- Introduction of Discovery
1994- Land rover taken over by BMW, combination of technoligies
1997- Introduction of Freelander
2000- Land Rover sold to Ford for £1.8billion
2002- Introduction of 3rd generation Range Rover
2004- 3rd Generation Discovery/LR3
2006- announcement of 2.4l diesel engine, 6 speed gear box, dash and forward facing rear
for defender
2007- 4,000,000 Land Rover models sold
2008- Jaguar Land Rover sold to TATA motors and combined
2011- Range Rover Evoke introduced

Overall Land Rover Insights
Travel within cities
Tourist attractions
Experience goals
Task related goals
Culture of use
Primary Research - Questionnaires
When selecting people to fill in our questionnaires we decided to focus on individuals in the youth ticket category of 16 -25 years old, as based on our previous research this will be our target market. We derived our questions from the previous overview of what we need to find out about interailing and key points in the activity
The 5 W's and 1 H of User Research
Inter-raling is considered an adventure and therefore can be very spontaneous. This spontaneity means that inter-railers never know when or where they're going to eat.
City Centres
On a long journey
During food preperation
When they need an energy boost
If they can't afford to eat out
If the hostel doesn't have any cooking facilities.
1. It's a life changing experience.
2. Best way to discover new places.
3. All the stories and memories you get from it.
4. Meeting new people.
5. Learning about other cultures.
6. You can travel when its convinent to you.
7. You can personalise your iteneray.
8. Can be done on a budget.
Currently inter-railers are struggling through their trips with snacking, eating out and cooking in hostels which can often be impractical for most people. But many people also struggle as carry around cooking facilities whilst travelling around for a long period of time can be difficult and therefore we are proposing a design that is more practical and solve this problem.

Our product will allow inter-railers to safely prepare and cook their own food, wherever they may be and whenever they are hungry. It will also be small and light weight enought to carry it around with them.
Save Money on Food - The Street Food Trend
Local Cuisine
High Energy Food
Can reach high temperatures - so a wider range of food can be cooked.
Very cheap and efficicent.
Fairly heavy to carry around in a rucksack.
A single canister will only last between 7-8 meals.
Health and safety issues including leakage and also prohibited on some transport.
8 reasons to go Inter-railing
The Brief
To design a desirable branded product that allows hot food to be eaten on location outdoors.
We have chosen to look at inter-railers as our user and European Countries as our Environment. The Brand we will be analysing is Land Rover as we believe their off-road, adventerous nature fits appropriately with the inter-railing theme.

Dissecting the Brief
Why are we designing this product?
Inter-railers are often traveling for hours and don't know when the next appropriate place to eat will be therefore people are constantly eating on-the-go. This may mean that they don't eat proper meals and snack more whilst they're out. Alternatively after traveling for a long period of time when they reach their destination they will want to eat straight away. This means that they often spend more money on expensive food rather than looking around for something a bit cheaper.

From secondary research from blogs and instagram, we discovered that people that go inter-railing spend a lot of time on trains when travelling between countries.
Snacking on a train can be very expensive.
Long train journeys means that eating on a train is unavoidable.
Blog Tips

Take Your Own Food

'It’s no secret that food on any kind of public transport can be a little….how can we put this….dodgy. You can save on costly train food by bringing your own dinner/snacks aboard. It’s also a great way of meeting people too, bringing little snacks and sweets and offering them round to fellow travellers is a great way to strike up a conversation when you find yourself seated with the cute girl/guy, group of fun looking locals, sweet old granny or interesting fellow traveller.'

From our Questionnaires and interviews we discovered that people spend the majority of their time outside and visiting tourist attractions. Because of this people would often eat on the go and try local street food.
Trying Local food in Italy
Having a picnic with street food
There are plenty of local markets across europe where fresh food can be bought
Inter-railing can be quite an expensive trip, especially if you go for a few months. From our questionnaires we can see that people like to do it on a budget and therefore people cook for themselves in a hostel.
Some hostels offer a breakfast included in the price.
Tips on Cheap Eats & Drinks
This website Budgettraveller has guides to eating cheap to the top tourist cities in europe. Some of these cities include Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid. It also provides tips on good restaurants, local cuisine and ways to eat cheaply.
Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials
This is a 4 minute video that we found gave a good insight on how to pack and prepare for interrailing, giving tips on what you need and what you don't.
The headquarters of the brand is based in Whitley - Coventry. Jaguar Land Rover was established in 2008 by TATA motors, joining two prestigious British brands. They are a combined company that now will share a similar design team and sponsors
Land Rover Defender - History
Initially intended as a solution to post-war drops in sales, the Land Rover defender was designedwith the farming community in mind by basing it on a tractor
Its innovative features included an Aluminium body which was lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant (Birmabright)
Answer to post-war steel shortage
Painted in a light milatary green from paint left over from the war
Remains a Land Rover trait
1950 brought selectable 4 wheel drive
In 1952 the engine was upgraded to a 4 litre high performance model
The defender was adaptable to suit different needs ranging from coaches to ambulances to military vehicles
Today it is used in both practical off road situations and in luxurious celebrity lifestyles in stark contrasts, bringing around more fashionable design packages and transformations
, reducing weight by 100s kg 'BRUMIBRIGHT' (post-war alloy of aluminium and magnesium
Aluminium Stamped Panels
Other material examples in the Land Rover Defender:
Eating & Shopping tips on a budget
Rubber floor trim
Polyurethane wheel arches
Steel external steps
Premium leather seats/steering wheel
Here is an extract on an inter-railing website, giving tips on the best ways to eat and drink on a budget. Includes things such as filling your bottle up before heading out, having a picnic and also eating away from the tourist areas.
'When travelling in different parts of the world I’ve always found the most exciting food to be when I’ve been invited to someone’s home or when I’ve got it in the street, where the locals dine. Germany have quality bratwurst, French crepe’s, Italian pizza and of course good old British fish and chips! Not only is this the best food you get out but more often than not it’s the cheapest.' - http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk/shopping/food-drink/2013/july/street-food-save-money-on-eating-out/
'eastern Europe if your on budget'
Street food is becoming so popular that cities across europe are having street food festivals. Including Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris. - http://newinzurich.com/2015/02/foodie-zurich-zurich-street-food-festival/
Street food is extremley convienent for on-the-go inter-railers.
From our questionnaires we can see that everyone spends the majority of their time outside visiting different tourist attractions. Because of this inter-railers incorporate high energy foods in their diets as they are burning a lot of calories.
Gap Analysis
Theft across Europe
Conversion Rates
Facts and Figures
The vast majority of countries visited by interrailers use the EURO, making it vastly easier for the traveller to budget their money as they do not have to worry about any other conversions.
The current coversion rate at the present time is exactly 1.4 euros (€) to the pound (£) which is very encouraging for anyone planning to travel in Europe in the near future. This is due to the recovery from the recent recession.

This exchange rate means that British travellers are getting more for their money, making travelling and particularly eating around Europe less expensive.

This may have an affect on the number of teenagers who go travelling. Does it change how people feel about paying for meals out too?
Top 5 countries visited by interrailers:
Top 8 cities visited by interrailers:
Increase in Ticket sales:
- 240,000
- 270,000
- 280,000
We believe that the increasing popularity of interrailing was due to the rounding off of the recession where people (particularly students) were able to afford
cheaper ways to experience travelling
abroad whilst on a
tight budget
This trendy custom was then potentially magnified by the Olympics being held in London in 2012.
We are lead to believe that due to the increase in tourism in these countries, the economy of these countries is also likely to increase due to the increase in revenue.
£1 = 1.40€
When will inter-railers be using this device?
Naked flame
Solar cooking
A solar cooker is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat and cook.
Solar cookers use no fuel. This saves cost as well as reducing environmental damage caused by fuel use.
Uses sunlight which may not be a reliable source.
May be heavy to carry around.
Fuel tablets
Hexamine fuel tablet is a form of solid fuel in tablet form.
The tablets burn smokelessly, have a high energy density, do not liquefy while burning and leave no ashes.
Fuel tablets are simple, ultra-lightweight compared to other stove options, and compact.
The heat given off cannot be easily adjusted, so water can be boiled, but cooking requiring simmering is more difficult.
Tablets are a powerful stove fuel and are sensitive to wind and dampness.
Fuel tablets are expensive.
Exothermic reaction
Transfers heat to the surroundings.
Sustainable amount of heat to heat liquid however not enough to boil water.
Very expensive as the reaction only lasts 8 minutes, so needs to be replaced reguarly.
Lightweight so easy to carry.
A synthetic porous ultralight material derived from a gel.
Not a direct source as heat but acts as an insulator.
Can keep food hot for a long period of time.
Need to find somewhere to cook beforehand.
For this section of the device where the food will be placed, we need a material that is a good conductor of heat so that the food will heat up and cooking quickly. Copper and Aluminium are both appropriate materials as they both heat up quickly and also lightweight, making the overall device easier to carry.

For the casing of the product we need a material that is tough and impact resistant to last and not fracture. The product may be knocked a bit whilst being in the bag and therefore needs to be strong. We also need the material to be able to resist heat whilst the heating element is in use. Polyethylene may be an appropriate material to use as it has a high melting point and therefore will maintain its functinal properties. It is also stiff and tough making it suitable. Polyethylene can be recylced and remoulded if required.
Keeping the device clean
As the cooking device will be used multiple times in one trip it needs to be easily cleaned in order to prevent the spread of bactiera and keep hygiene levels high.

Our first option would be to use a 'boil in the bag' as this prevents the food from touching the materials surface that is heating up. This way once the food has been cooked all you need to do is remove the bag and dry the inside.

However this isn't suitable for food that needs to be fried or that comes into contact with the pot, because of this it needs to be easily cleaned. Our only option for this would be used a non stick material which would make it easy to clean.

Global Food Crisis?
Seeing Europe by train
This blog is an individuals encouter on what they got up to during their inter-railing trip and also gives tips to others.
According to our questionnaires and other sources of research, budgetting is a priority when it comes to younger interrailers. This is because a substantial number of them are students and are either unemployed or on a gap year.
In recent years the rate of inflation has raised over the normal rate of increase in pay, meaning that budgetting has become very important for this kind of venture, especially due to the specific age range of young adults.
Who goes inter-railing? and who buys Land Rover?
A big part of an interrailers experience is eating out by means of getting to know local culture. We have found that the problem with this is that it can be very expensive.
The people we questioned mentioned that they would often cook for themselves (if they had facilities available) as it was cheaper, but didn't want it taking up too much of their day. If they were going to eat out at all, it would be for dinner rather than lunch and breakfast.
However, the global food crisis is set to send staple food prices soaring (including bread and fruit, a common ingredience for our sources).

This could make it more appropriate for interrailers to eat out more in the future - coupled with the current exchange rate.
How will it be used?
We can see the popularity of interrailing which is set to increase in the coming years, as well as to boost the economy of the European countries targetted by the tourists.

Pound strength and food crisis could persuade travellers to eat out more or less?

Low cost is a priority none the less, so to therefore to combine this with high energy food like rice or pasta would be ideal.
Land Rover and Inter-railing

The product must provide an appropriate desirable food in suitable quantity at the correct temperature for your target user/s in the chosen environment.

Technology must be believable and comply with legislation that governs the location.

Construction and manufacturing must be appropriate to fuctionalility and brand ethos.
WEEE Directive
Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Hierachy of Waste
Set up in 2002, WEEE Directive was set up to reduce the amount of electronic products that end as waste to landfill.

This is being accomplished by improving the design of these products (eg. by making them disassemble easily, allowing parts to be reused or recycled).
This is something we must consider when we think about designing our products, so that the product is easily dismantled for the user and to make the product as eco friendly as possible.
Packaging / Shipping
Any packaging around the product should be kept to a minimum to
the amount of cardboard being used. Too often people complain about the fact that the product they have ordered has been '
', a problem needing to be resolved.

Reducing the amount of packaging also means that more boxes are able to fit into each transport vessel, reducing the number of journeys being made, thus
saving fuel consumption and therefore fuel emmissions
100% corrugated cardboard
would be used when packaging as it does not involve deforestation for new cardboard. It can also be
easily recycled

Packing chips
are also ideal when it comes to protecting the product within the cardboard box as they are
, and biodegradable (entirely recycled from polystyrene). They contain an
additive which allows the polystyrene to decompose
within a number of months (10-50) with the presence of micro ogranisms found in landfill/compost areas.
Food Trends and Availability
Food Trends
: Knowing what current trends are will impact how we design our product, since we are aiming to meet our consumer's needs. This means our food heating device should be engineered towards what they like in terms of food preferences. Continental food is a good example of this as people are becoming increasingly familiar with their food and are more aware of cultural diversity.

Food Availability
Stocks of food in our countries of interest are very important as it may determine the type of food our product would be serving. For example, the supply of fish is in decline. Some scientists say that by 2050 they are expected to disappear completely. This may indicate that fish may not be an appropriate food source for our product. Chicken would be more appropriate since it is in high demand and sources are not set to decline.
UV Index:

Days of precipitation per month:
- 13-15 days
- 11-12 days
- 8-10 days
- 5.5/6.5
- 4.5/6.5
- 7.5/8.5 (very high)
From the research put forward we can see that for each country it rains on average for at least 2/3 days every month. This indicates that since our product has the likely potential to be used outside, it should be made to be as waterproof as possible (especially since heat is required). Perhaps a waterproof carry case would solve this problem? As well as using waterproof materials.
From our initial research we have found out that our target audience want to eat high energy, cheap food due to their tight budget and constant walking.

Inter-railing is thought to have become much more popular ove recent years because it gives people the opportunity to experience so many different countries and cultures at a fraction of the costs of flying to each destination.

We want to help inter-railers keep their spending costs down by designing a cooking device that allows them to cook for themselves rather than depending on restaurants and cafes.
The UV index proves to be high, especially during summer. This has negative connotations since the user will likely be using sun cream to protect themselves, which means that their hands may not be very clean (even if they are unaware of it) when using the product. This is undesireable since food preperation is involved.
Eco-Friendly Materials
Biodegradable polymers


These are a new generation of plastic that are compostable. Derived from raw materials such as starch, cellulose, lactic acids etc, they are not hazardous in production and decompose into biomass and CO2.
The main advantage to cork is its combination of being lightweight as well as waterproof (also resistant to wide range of bacteria that cause disease) however it is questionable as to weather the material fits in with those used by Land Rover...
Whilst aluminium cannot be decomposted, it is extremely environmentally friendly as it's versitility allows it to be recycled - it is the most recycled out of all industrial metals
The Product we design should be easily separated when it comes to disposal, so that materials can be either reused or recycled where appropriate (follow WEEE Directive).

Weather conditions should be considered when deciding on materials for the product as well as cleaning methods - further research needed to show how the product can be made more sustainable.

The food our device prepares could rear towards an oriental style dish to adhear to food trends, however this may conflict with the idea that people travel to certain areas to experience these kinds of foods.
Theft and pickpocketing could potentially be a problem for our product. The table above shows that theft is very frequent in inter-railing countires such as Germany, Spain and Italy. Possesion of a product like ours would be a target for theives whilst walking around. Therefore the bag it's being carried in would have to disguise that it has anything valuable inside.
Between January and April 2009 the number of people travelling with an InterRail Pass increased by 5 percent compared to last year. In 2008 almost 240,000 Europeans travelled with the pass, an increase of 37 percent compared to 2007.

At present, around 74% of InterRail’s customers are youth, under the age of 26. The proportion of young travellers is higher for the InterRail Global Pass; 79,7% of customers are youth. For the One Country Pass, this proportion is 62,1%
Is it appropriate to eat in these places?

Existing Product Testing
Naked flame cooking is done by using either fire wood or waste products.
Very cheap however may take a while to reach the required temperature so not as efficient as other methods.
An open flame may have potential dangers involved.
May be prohibited in certain areas.
Inconsistent temperatures and cooking times.
Primary Research
States that travellers will save lot of money saved if not eating out evey meal
Advises making packed lunches and eating in local parks
Main meal at lunch as menus are cheaper
Street food recommended
Purchase snacks at train station, not on trains to save money
Visit food stalls and markets
Recommends a daily budget of between £20-£40
Dependant on
time span
overall budget
aim of the trip
depends on budget and activities
Landover is one of the most iconic brands around the world, they are one of the pioneers of the automotive industry. “For us it’s about adapting technologies appropriate to us. Its great design that makes the emotional connection”-Gerry McGovern leader of design at Land Rover outlining their need to develop for the user need and how it is “important to connect with cars”. They pride themselves on their long history and durability of their products. They create adventure and challenge through the product and user personas going above and beyond to protect that emprise aspect of the brand, this links in well with our interailing target market who set themselves on their own adventure around Europe going above and beyond to discover new experiences and cultures. The rugged robust and long-lasting vehicles is one aspect we want to take and bring into our food device in making a durable high quality product. Land Rover have a large variation in driving conditions that their vehicles can travel on from mud to snow to gravel, so just about anything providing a vast range of experiences from each vehicle. Whilst interailing people also explore the vast range of different experiences through each visit. But most significantly Land Rover (now formed as Jaguar Land Rover) are a huge forefront in British brand inovation.

Land Rover with all their cars give that huge sense of adventure and exploration, much like what any inter-railer is embarking on when they set off on their travels.
Inter-railers travel all over Europe gaining new experiences and seeing new sights, and this compares to the Land Rover products where the user travels around in the cars discovering new things. This is backed up by their own product the “discovery” through its naming and branding.
Their products can travel through a vast terrain and land, which relates to interailing in the way that people will be pushed through different conditions and experience new terrain around Europe.
The defender in particular is based on functionality with having little luxury settings as possible to succeed much like the attitude of an interailer to bring only the essentials to have an enjoyable trip.
Interailers stick to similar travel routes and destinations, they follow a typical pattern much like Land Rover stick to a similar DNA in all their cars.

Existing products
The JLR Mission
Land Rover are a British Car Manufacture specialising in four-wheel-drive vehicles. The brand thrives on being British and is at the forefront of successful British brands around the world. The cars are notorious for being robust, long-lasting and rugged whilst also maintaining a sleek and simplistic style. The company prides themselves on the fact their cars can travel on roads, mud, rough ground and any tough terrain. Land Rover base themselves around innovation, trust and versatility with their target market, ranging from the upper-class user with the Evoque, to the farming market with the legendary Defender model. The brand is not only known for its cars but also its involvement in war; their products were used in aiding our military to travel around rough terrain successfully since their early models. There is a vast heritage involved with the brand and their slogan “Above & Beyond”, which is backed up with the Land Rover mission to always develop the cars to meet new technologies and user needs. Land Rover use sustainability as being fundamental to their reputation with the growing need to consider the impact of their products on the environment. It is a globally recognized brand with 2/3 of all Land Rovers are assumed to be working still since 1948 and at one point 70% of the world’s first car they saw was a Land Rover.
Gerry McGovern – Gerry is currently the design director at jaguar land rover. He is recognised worldwide in the design community and is the leading figure in the companies inovation. One thing he believes is that “it will always be important to connect with cars” and that “great design is a gateway to customer desirability”, these aspects comes into the development of JLR
Victoria Beckham- Recently Victoria was involved in the designing of the Range Rover interior. This relates to the upper class scale of the brands target market and has increased the automotive desire for celebrities
Maurice Wilks – The most iconic Land Rover designer. He was the original chairman who designed the first Land Rover model in 1947 out of a Jeep chassis. As a result the prototype was developed and in 1948 the Brand Land Rover was launched
Another Recent Sponsor is the new James bond film “Spectre”. They have cars in most action scenes and are seen a number of times through the film. In fact Land Rover is seen at some point in every James Bond film. Other notable sponsors range from Wasps Rugby to the new Virgin Gatlantic space line aircraft. They also have a number of university partnerships with the largest in Warwick and Coventry
Land Rover is involved with a huge number of sponsors with the most recent being the 2015 Rugby World Cup, they were the lead sponsor in the completion
Other List of sponsors:
• Equestrian – Team GB for Over 20 years (Burleigh Horse Trials)
• Land Rover Bar – Sailing (Ben Ansile)
• Guards Polo Club – Adds to typical British feel
• 2014 Tusk Conservation award- Rhino African Conservation

Individually, Jaguar and Land Rover may be iconic but together they form one incredible business. Their values are set on working with integrity and understanding whilst also striving for excellence. They are passionate for people who genuinely care to put it into the products. The JLR mission is to deliver more great products and faster, to be leaders in the fields of innovation and that the customer comes first.
Land Rover have three points to stick to and that is strength versatility and durability; they are renowned for capability and looking for innovative ways of overcoming tough terrain. The company has some well thought out plans for the future which is outlines in their aims.

The JLR Aims:
“-Demonstrate leadership in sustainable business practices in all our activities across the world
- Create products that meet our future customers’ needs with less environmental impact
- Inspire future generations with the potential of technology; advancing knowledge and developing a more sustainable way of living
- Become a leader in sustainable social development which improves lives, in our local and global communities
- Engage our people, customers and partners in our Responsible Business vision”

They have set these targets to be in place by 2020 with support from measuring and monitoring progress, right across the business to achieve this. “Our exciting agenda will ensure that strong commercial performance is coupled with long-lasting benefits to our social and natural environment.”

Rules and Regulations
From this chart we can see that the use of inflammable substances such as petrol is inhibitted, therefore if the device required such, the user would have to buy it in Europe (this is also due to changes in pressure).

There are no rules saying that a passenger cannot eat on the eurostar but method of cooking would need to be heavily considered - espicially food preperation as sharp knives are not permitted.
Eating on Trains
Cooking on trains is not permitted, however there are no laws that say a user cannot eat on them.
This may be the case, but there is a stigma attached to people on trains as the food can often smell very strong (especially if it is hot) - combined with the fact that some people find it rude as others can easily see/hear someone eating, which may or may not attract undesired attention.
From the tables on the right, you can see that the UK spends significantly more money for on-the-go food than any other country in Europe - potentially due to cultural differences.
This idea is backed up by the fact that the UK's commuting times are only marginally greater than those in other countries, suggesting that eating on-the-go is not as greatly accepted in other countries.
This could quite easily impact the design and use of the product we design.
Land Rover as a whole and the materials they use are starting to rise in the amount of recycled materials they use. From the video you can see that there is a large effort to develop this with aluminium developing into a higher-grade sheet metal alloy. The company also has now a waste recovery system and many restoration points across the Uk to keep those old models up and running, reducing waste. Even beyond the main car body JLR are reducing our use of synthetics and plastics by looking at more organic materials such as leather and natural rubber. Also wood being sourced more sustainably from more sustainably managed forest schemes.

Defender Aluminium chasssis
Sources of Heat
All food prep is expected to be carried out in a secure, permitted establishment rather than on the streets.

Any equipment used to cook food must be durable and cleanable to protect the user.

An open flame is prohibitted in many european countries due to fire risks. Many interrailers would not be willing to carry a fire extinguisher with them due to the weight (combined with the fact that they travel light).

Any gas canister used must be checked regularly for any problems.
Common tourist destinations by interrailers may not encourage or even allow food to be prepared or eaten there due to cultural reasons. Auschwitz is a well known tourist destination where people do not eat as it shows a lack of respect. Destinations which share a similar view to this are places such as Vatican City and Pompeii.
This may lead to a long day without eating, meaning that the food provided by the product should provide energy and sustenance to the user.
Those who buy Land Rover have a Passion for Adventure and want a reliable, innovative car.
The target market for our audience is students and young adults, focusing on individuals and groups who are embarking on a trip of a life time whilst living on a budget and out of a backpack.
The alternative is too take cooking utensils with them such as gas canisters or small stoves if they're including camping into their inter-railing however this is an extremley unpopular solution due to the extra weight. Therefore being able to eat decent, warm food, on-the-go and also on a tight budget could become extremley difficult.
The majority of people who answered our questionnaires said that most common food they cooked was pasta.

To the right shows different types of food and the amount of energy they have. This would be useful for people inter-railing so they know what types of food would be appropriate to eat.
The Locals
The locals want tourists to get a true representation of the culture and food is a defining aspect of a place.

'When visiting other countries food can be a great level and a meal taken with the locals can be a good way to break the ice'. - www.treklife.com
Paella in Spain
Pizza in Italy
Bratwurst in Germany
We can also see from our Questionnaires that when people did decide to go out for dinner, they would use this opportunity to spend a bit more money and try the local food.
Chloe (who is a friend of ours) embarked on a year long trip travelling round Europe and South America. So to gain an insight to her trip she let us look at her instagram travelling account @ayeartravelling. It shows activities she got up to, what type of food she ate and where she stayed.
From looking at different types of food that are consumed whilst inter-railing we have realised that to have the best possible experience it is necessary to try local cuisine and street food. You're also able to get a real understanding of the countries culture. We have also discovered that people need to eat high energy food to enable them to be active during the day whilsting walking around.
The Man in Seat Sixty-One
A one stop guide to train travel
The man in seat 61 offers advice on cheap travel through all popular inter-railing countries as well as legislation and things to avoid. He gives helpful tips on different rail passes, hotels and what to pack.
Interview with Katrina
Instead of getting another interview with someone who has been we wanted a different angle of research and found our flatmate who has been planning to go interailing this summer herself.
“I want to go this summer with around 2-4 people, probably July-August time”
“ Have you planed a budget for the tip?”
“Probably around £700 but it would depend on how long I want to go for which at the moment is between 2 and 4 weeks, if I go for longer I will need to increase the budget because of all the living and traveling costs”
“How are you planning to eat each day?”
“Not cooking in the evening but would be looking to cook before a day and store/reheat to have during the day”
“ How would you do that and with what food?”
“Would cook with the facilities in hotels/hostels and I want to stick as heathy as possible with a mix of local cuisine as well”
“Where would you store the food and would you bring cooking utensils?”
“I wouldn’t bring and cooking stuff so would need to buy a heating container to store on the inside or outside of the rucksack, the container would appeal to me more if it is multi-functional”
“What are your main priorities with the budgeting then?”
“Towards experiences and keeping the cost of food as low as possible so the food can be stored for a few days to drag out the eating costs, so I would need your product to heat up re heat and store the food over a few days”
“How would you maintain the product?”
“Would clean in the hostels and charge on trains as most of the European trains have charges sockets”
“ Okay so if you were given the option to buy food or heat up old food”
“I would heat it up in every situation”
“ How would you cook the food and apart from being healthy what main food choice would you try and eat?”
“If I have the kitchen facilities available to me I would use them and probably pasta and meat and sauce as it would be the quickest and last the longest I want to stick to a maximum of 30 mins cooking. Most of my time I will be spent on the go so I will just cook when it is most convenient for me”
“Baring that in mind what priorities from 1-4 do you have for the food?”
“Probably healthy eating then cheapness then whether its local and finally whether its convenient for me to eat”
“ Finally what sort of method of cooking would you tend to use?”
“Well I wouldn’t mind heating up with a flame”
“Okay thanks for your time”

A guide to taking the train through Europe
The Man in the Seat Sixty-One
This book is the essential guide for anyone who wishes to travel to Europe and beyond by train. Packed with insider knowledge and top tips, it offers advice on everything from the quickest routes and the cheapest fares to the best weekends away; travelling with children and changing trains; timetables and maps; essential items to travel with; and everything in between.
Trip advisor
Katrina Larsen
Interview with Jack
I interviewed a friend from home over webcam who recently went interailing to discover more about his experiences and what happened on his trip.
“When did you go?”

From the 26th June till the 15th July, so we went for quite a long time”
“What did you do?”
“Our main activities, is that we did a lot of site seeing, eating out with local food and went out in the evenings”
“Where did you visit?”
“Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Venice, Vienna, Rome”
“Did you ever cook in?”
“There wasn’t any opportunities to cook with the hostels we stayed in but if had the opportunity would have sometimes and taken the food during the day. I much prefer to go out with friends and get a taste of the local food.”
“What type of food?”
“We would try and get the healthy local cuisine and the stereotypical food for that region would try get food with high energy”
“Our budget was around £40 a day but converting to euros it increased especially with the cities in Europe being so cheap”
“Eat throughout the day?”
“Around two meals a day with the rest going on experiences”
“How many people did you go with?”
“6 people”
“Do you wish you had somewhere to store and eat?”
“Yes the one regret about this trip is not bringing a product that could store my food in it would have saved me a lot of time and money”
“Did you bring a lot of food from home?”
“No everything was locally sourced”
“Did they offer you any food in the hostels?”
“Yes but the quality was poor and pretty basic, would only use that option if you had no time to go out”
“Do you feel you got a lot the trip?”
“The trip was enjoyable but very tiring towards the end so we tended to eat in at the end. I regret now manging my time better in certain cities and if to do it again would wake up earlier to get the most out of each day.”
“Favourite memory?”
“That was definitely going out in Prague it was so cheap”
“Availability to buy food?”
“In Amsterdam it was hard to find a reliable source of food due to the culture of the pace whereas Rome there was food everywhere fresh food as well”.
“Quality of food?”
“The food varied in quality, especially the fast food which was quick and cheap so that was easy”

Most train stations and cities contain food and facility outlets which should be available to the user of our product. This makes it relatively easy for our user to remove waste from the device, as carrying rubbish around all day is not ideal.
Cleaning the product will have to be thought out carefully as our user may not be prepared to to wash it out whilst on the move. Cleansing wipes would be an ideal solution as they are lightweight and can be carried around anywhere
Jack Bewsey
Material Wastage
Gas canisters
- only recycled if canister is completely empty (the company providing them will often reuse them by replacing the caps after re-filling them).

- depends upon the plastic being used. They fall into 7 different catagories of recycling and are recycled depending on the decisions of the local council.

- both ferrous and non ferrous metals are usually sold on to local scrap metal suppliers. Aluminium is commonly recycled (as well as tin-coated steel containers) by UK counsils and is likely to be also by those within Europe.
Wastage should be kept to a minimum at all costs, therefore careful consideration of the materials used should be very important:
The device should allow food to be cooked on either the train or in busy city centers depending on the location. Since food is not always going to be the priority, the product may need to be insulated to keep food warm (aerogel is lightweight and long lasting so would be appropriate).

The product should be able to hold food securely so that the food can be contained safely throughout the day in case disposal opportunities are not available at approperiate times.

Gas is unlikely to be a suitable source of heat as gas canisters are not allowed on trains and would have to be sourced within Europe (not ideal for the user to have to go looking). They are also quite difficult to recycle -

Where will it be used?
UTE - User, Task, Environment

The main factors we gained from the questionnaires were a clear understanding of what answers we didnt know and have got a general feeling of the trends involved with interailing and the involvment of food in this activity. From this we can take a larger knowledge of information forward into our interviews and learn more about different indervidual experiences that our product could potentially tailer towards our product. We saw a key trend in which the main sort of food that would be eaten is chicken and that high energy pasta meals as they were most convient to cook. We gathered a general feeling that there were facilities to cook and heat meals up at the hostels where people stay and that people did like to expereince the local cuisine when possible. Adding to this the hostals would nomrally provide breakfast however they would source the rest of their food with the most convient place to eat being on trains and the most convient place to cook being in the morning for a max of 30 mins before setting out for the day.
The average engagement per Instagram post has grown by 416 percent over two years.
Social Media
Oliver Purcell
Insights of Technology Fuels
From the different types of technology fuels that we looked at, although being environmentally friendly is a good thing, the technology isn't efficient or reliable enough to use whilst inter-railing. We feel that aerogel could be used inside the product and act as a lining to keep the food warm for an extended period of time which would be very practical whilst on the move.
Another contender could be the fuel tablets as they are extremley light weight so plenty could be carried around for the entire trip. They also product enough heat for cooking a variety of food. However carrying enough for the entire trip would take up a lot of essential space, that could be used for more appropriate items.
Between us we own a Land Rover Defender and a Range Rover Evoque. We went home and did some testing on the two cars.
We found that the Defender was the more rugged design in comparison with the up market Range Rover. This rugged style immediately bought the image of a long lasting strong design. From the video you can see the Defender not struggling with some rough terrain and is typically the model that can handle the harshest conditions. It clearly sticks to their main target market of being aimed at the farming community. When it comes to space, the large boot is an iconic feature in all Defender models, as it fits just about anything in it -handy for equipment. The central extruding gear stick is another feature we found implemented into each model.
cooks using the twigs you collect on your journey and it transforms heat from the fire into usable electricity; and it comes with a USB port for recharging your smartphone and other gadget.
- Clean energy and cooking just with fuel
- Usb Charging
- True on demand electricty
- Light + Durable
- Reduction in toxic smoke conditions
is a
handy food container
that includes a built-in film heater component that can heat up foods to a pre-heated temperature. This design has been inspired by traditional Japanese ideals of functionality and simplicity of the bento box while fusing it with modern technology of heating, insulation and materials.There are two main parts of the device; one is the external box that features a carry grip, slip protective rubber base and cutlery storage, and another is the temperature sensitive substance for food preparation indication. The internal box holds the food and can be detached for convenient dish-washing.
- Negates takeaway waste as product can be reused
- Food contact parts easily removed for easy cleaning
- The product and user interface is designed with a simple and
clean sense of quality
- Retractable handles are flushed with surface when not in use.
- Simple clean design
- Ease of use is good with multiple subtle part slots for a compact
well laid out product
- Food is heated to 75 degrees Celsius
- Film heaters embedded at the base of the product
- Internal Box is made of Polycarbonate for its durability.
– External Box is made of A.B.S
The second product we tested was a Karrimor flask. This is designed to maintain temperature and keep food/beverages protected. We found the product to be of a high quality and the screw cap seal was easy to tighten to ensure a solid seal. The product appears that it will potentially last a long time with the strong outer casing not only maintaining heat but adding strength to the design. Overall a successful design and function.
The third product we tested was a Black+Blum thermo-pot. This designed to keep food heated for long periods of time. "hot food warms the soul" - the design comes with a magnetic spoon which attaches to the curved shape of the product for easy access and storage, we found this beneficial and it didn't fall off easily. The screw cap has a pitch of 2.0mm and creates a quick and easy fit. Overall it is a well made product and aesthetically pleasing through its stylising and material choices.
Observations from Emily's Trip
Our Friend Emily went around Europe and as allowed us to use her video she made to analyze bits of her experience:
Experiencing local monuments is one of the main aspects people remember and take from their trips no matter what age. It can allow us to understand the history of a destination and feel more intergrated with the local community.
She clearly experienced local culture during the day and bonded with the locals at night. Generally around Europe tourists are welcome and appreciated due to the money they bring into the community.
Emily is a keen artist so experiencing the local street art features a lot in the video. This adds to experiencing the local cultures and way of life. exploring the ways to travel round a destination to see unique sites.
Most of the travel was done by train and buses. From city to city, trains are the main source for inter-railers. The main aspect I would take from watching the video would be the fun they had together as a group.
Global passes
This entities the traveller to travel around Europe, the amount of days of travelling is restricted up to 22days, after that, the travel is unlimited
One Country Pass
This entitiles the traveller to unlimited travel within one country visiting different cities.
Countries that Inter-railers can visit
Eurostar is a super easy quick and relaxing way to travel the continent.

Luggage: 2 bags, no bigger than 85cm in length and 1 small hand luggage
Food: (standard class) Bring own refreshments or buffet cart. Light meals and continental breakfast.

Quickest way to travel between Italys main cities
2 suitcases and 1 hand luggage
Buffet service and on board resturant
Hostels are the most common type of accomodation that inter-railers stay in. It is a cheaper way and a good way to meet fellow travellers. Hostels offer shared bathrooms and bedrooms. Most hostels also offer private rooms with bathrooms. Many hostels have kitchen facilities allowing you to cook your own meals and save more money.
Example prices (based on 3 nights and 2 guests):
: Oops Design Hostel - from £32

: Tehakovsky - From £10.44

Wombatscity Hostel - From £9 (Dorms) and £16 (private room)

: Sophie's hostel - From £11.60 (dorms) and £21.63 (private room)
Eating and shopping on a budget:

-Fill up water bottle
-Have a picnic
-Eat away from Tourist areas
-Hostels (normally) provide breakfast
-Buy snacks and drinks from local supermarkets before hitting the rails
-Street food is cheap and delicious and a local cuisine
Websites for Accomodation


Top visitied tourist attractions in Europe
1. Grand Bazaar - Istanbul
2.Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris
3. Disneyland park - Paris
4. St Peter's Basillica, Vatican City - Rome
5. Colosseum - Rome
6. Eiffel Tower - Paris
7. Cologne Cathedral - Germany
8.Sultanahmet Camii - Istanbul
Within different cities there are different modes of transport to get around such as Taxis, Metro, Buses, Trains, boats, mopeds, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes or simply just to walk around the cities.
Emily's Video
IMAGES OF FOOD (by Rosy Taylor)
Budget Calculater
This online budget calculator uses toggles that users can adjust to their holiday plans so that it can approximate a daily amount of money the interrailer may need. We could use this as part of depicting our target audience and what budget they would have for food for example.
Thalys Trains
Thalys trains travels between France, Belguim, Germany and Netherlands.
: 2 suitcases and 1 hand luggage
Offers tasty on board buffet service
TGV runs to major cities accross France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belguim
: 2 bags or suitcases and 1 hand luggage
Equipped with vending machines and buffet cart with snacks and drinks

Interrail passes include access to a number of free and discounted European ferry routes and boats. Different ferry companies are specific to individual countries, which have a partnership with interrail, and these are advertised on the interrail website. The service acts as not only an alternative travel mode, but aids reaching the many islands that Europe has to offer.
Runs between mainland Spain and the Spanish Belearic islands (e.g. Ibiza)
Operates across Europes most important ports. 5 star facilities.
Grimaldi Lines
This ferry line shortens trip times between countries and even visits sardinia.
This website gives readers a list of helpful dos and donts, aimed to help the user plan their trip to be as smooth as possible.
This included advice on who to go with, how to pack, learning key phrases from the places you are travelling to, what, where and when to book etc.
Existing Product Insights
Interviews Summary

For some trains in Europe a reservation is mandatory, meaning you need it to board the train:
This includes high-speed and night trains and many trains in France, Italy and Spain. Train reservation fees aren't included in your pass, so needs to be considered in nudget planning.
You can often avoid reservation fees by researching an alternative route. This usually means more stops and a longer travel time, but at the same time it saves you any additional costs and gives you the chance to visit other destinations.
A travel report form MUST be filled in before baording any train journey. To the right is an example given by www.interrail.eu
The company heavily promote night trains, which entail an additional cost; this can affect meal times, what is available to the traveller and how much food they can carry and store on board.
A common trend in inter-railling is to upload photos to instagram and put a hashtag so that people can track their adventure through photos. These photos were under the search of #Interrail on Instagram
The Range Rover is an extremely stylish and luxurious car to drive. Luxury is replicated in the sleek design with sharp lines and smooth curves, this is also translated into the interior of the car with an easy to read dash board and ergonomic steering wheel, gear stick and seats. The Evoke follows the brand of Land Rover being adventurous with off road features that make the car drive itself if needs be in certain conditions. The Range Rover is also incredibly safe and sturdy to drive.
Existing Products
Jack -another one of our friends- has given us some images from his trip to get a better understanding of what inter-railers do and what sites they see. In comparision with the other trips, we ound there is a general tourist attraction plan that UK inter-railers follow.
The product testing allowed us to get a primary insight of the two main food preservation techniques, two of maintaining temperature (flasks), and one of heating up food (gas hob). We can take forward better knowledge of the differing techniques which we can involve in the project (food wise), and get a clearer understanding of the basic technology when looking to develop it and take it further on into the product. The three products we tested ranged in aesthetics, size and capability. During our secondary analysis we looked more in depth to new subtle technical and technological developments; we focused on the new innovative products driving the portable heating products forward. From this we can take forward a range of new technologies which we can look to incorporate or develop into something different with our product, and in general it just gives us a better understanding of the existing technologies and products out there with the range of ideas on the market.
From testing out two very different Land Rover cars we have gained a better understanding of the versatility of the brand and the range of focus points in the design in both cars. Both cars have different aesthetics appeals and functional properties but fundamentally are built on the same DNA and Land Rover goals. We can take forward the range of technologies and appearances of Land Rover, and overall sticking to the same DNA and robust, functional properties, this concept can be taken into our design ideas and development of heat container product.
From our research on sponsors and designers we can take forward the aspect that Land Rover is involved with a huge amount of sporting deals, as a company they portray a very outdoors, adventurous and healthy lifestyle through their sporting connections. We can take this aspect into the development of types of food that can be cooked in our product, also the types of situations our product can be used in. For example running through a city or generally if it can be used after an exercise activity rather than just the typical stored in a rucksack and ate on the train or park.
In the keyword scrutiny we highlighted a few points of what we think of Land Rover were and about. We took a better understanding of the main attributes of the brand and the factors they focuss on when designing their products. We can take forward some of these attributes into our designs.
From observing various trips which our friends had previously been on we gathered the vast range of activities and experiences people can embark on around Europe. We can take forward the large number of scenario's in which our product could be used and the situations where food can be eaten. It has given us a better understanding of the different landmarks we need to look at where food can be eaten, as well as whether the product can be used on the train.
Gathering further research, we now need to develop our questionnaire questions. From our secondary research, we now have an understanding of inter-railing and the Land Rover, however, we have gaps in our knowledge that we need to find out from someone who has had first hand experince of Inter-railing. We will ask questions on our questionnaire and in our interviews to fill these gaps. We also did the same for our Land Rover and the interviews we conduct on them
We looked at inter-railing from the perspective of someone who has never been before and is looking on planning their trip. Looking at the different passes, accomodation, what they get up to, where they can eat and how they can budget. Typically the traveller will budget their holiday according to how long they are going for, this varies with the different passes. Accomodation can range from a hotel with room service or a hostel with no cooking or eat facitlites in. In different cities, there are different price ranges for accomodation, resturants can also vary in price depending on the location. We have also looked on top tips for inter-railers.
Interview with Rosy Taylor
What we need to find out:
Length of time people usually go for
Where people eat and what they eat
The size of the group interailers go through
Whether they drink alcohol
Types of social activities to meet other people
The difference trends whilst traveling
How much money they would bring with them and their daily budget
Whether they cooked their own food or bought it made
How they traveled around
What they cooked the food with and where
Popular types of accommodation they stayed in
Types of food they cooked
If they tried the local cuisine
How much of their money went on a meal
What meals they ate out for
If they took cooking equipment
The amount of time spent on cooking
What they stored food in
What the popular places they visited
the amount of room they had left in their bags
How they felt about the possessions they took
Whether they immersed themselves into the culture
The amount of time spent "site seeing"during the day outdoors
Areas where they buy food from e.g were there markets
What meals during the day that they ate out for
The main priorities of budgeting
How will the product be maintained
The time of year they go interailing
Land Rover interview with owners of a Range Rover Evoke
We have interviewed the owners of a Range Rover Evoke. The feedback was very positive and the safety aspect for both was very important and it both provided them with the safety they wanted and needed for their familes. The off road features are also very handy for different situations as it the car will adapt to it and then basically drive itself. This car is quite pricey, however they both feel like they are paying for the name, style, comfort and safety which they dont feel they would get with another car. The sat nav seems to be the main issue with the Evoke but the possive feedback was mainly about the aethetics.
Thin but wide body shape with two gas hobs.
Interchangeable gas barrel ports at back of product
Intensity controlled with two simple dials
Hinged lid for hob protection and easy storage
Cap mechanism to secure top lid and stop from moving
Quick source of reliable heat source to warm up/cook food on
Easy removable grill for cleaning
The first product we looked at was the portable gas hobs. We tested the speed it efficiently heated, although it is an old product it still seemed to work relatively well due to he fact we were still using modern gas canisters. The product has proven to last a long time, there is not much technology to maintain and to go faulty. The intensity of the gas and heat can be easily controlled using the easy grip dials.
We gathered the testing of three products which either retained or heated food up. These were products which were typically used by us as a group. We tested the products with hot water to show an example of how they retained food or beverage temperature. The other we tested with heating food up rather then cooking as this was a too larger process for what we want the product to achieve to satisfy our target market of inter-railers.
What we need to know about Land Rover:
What made the owners choose a Land Rover
Do they like the car
What about the car do they like
Any features they don't like and if so what would they change
Are the cars value for money
What areas in the countryside they drive in and if they go off road are the features useful
If they think the brand is successful
Land Rover References
We gathered the research through testing the two cars which we own. Going home to get clear insight into the handling of each vehicle and the clear contrast between them whilst seeing the models sticking to the Land Rover DNA. Testing the vehicles on different surfaces from wet grass fields to tarmac allowed us to benefit from a large spectrum of the versitility of Land Rover and the conditions the cars can easily handle. There is a clear contrast in cars between the upperclass evoque and the countryside lifestyle of the defender. Moving forward we have a more in depth understanding of the cars the company use and the DNA involved in each design. We can use this design aspect in our product.
(emilys youtube video)
Observation References
Rosy Taylor is one of our inteviewee's, her interview and answers to the questionnaire are displayd later on in the logbook. She took photos of lots of her meals and kindly sent them to us so we get an idea of the range of food that is eaten around Europe in resturants. These meals all seem high energy, ranging from noodles to pizza to chocolate desserts. Each meal is also very different, therefore we will need to look at this in our design, being able to accomodate for all meal choices.
From our interviews and questionnaires, we now have insights into most, if not all the gaps in our research that we addressed before. We used both open and closed questions in our questionnaires that answered our gaps well, some questions also had the oppurtunities for annacdotes which gave us insights into other aspects of Inter-railing that we didnt necessarily ask for. We also conducted questionnires relating to our brand, Land Rover. This showed us the views of owners of a Range Rover Evoke and a defender. We can take aspects from these interviews and lead them into the design so that it could follow in the footsteps of being as sucessful as Land Rover.

Our understanding of inter-railing is now a lot more indepth as we know alot more about the whole experience as well as focussing on the experience of eating. It has to be clean, compact and possibly have other functions. It also has to be as cheap as possible as the whole point in buying the product is to save money on the trip. The inter-railer would not be willing to spend money on it if it did not achieve this.
Brand DNA Analysis
We conducted a range of Brand DNA analysis looking at the website, the interiors, exteriors and the finer details. We conducted this to get a feel for Land Rover and the aethetics. We discovered that Land Rover have a strong DNA, their cars all look different, yet you can still tell what brand they are from from keeping features simular. Not only is this strong, robust DNA shown in the cars, but also things such as their websites. We can use this information and relate our eating device to the DNA, making it look aethetically pleasing, complimenting Land Rover.
Travellers who travel Europe experience a wide range of different environments in which they will sleep, eat, party, socalise, visit attractions and many others. They will all be travelling to experience different things and will have Task and Experience realted goals to achieve. All will be different depending on the types of trends and cultures that they follow and abide by. In relation to the cooking device, different travellers will want different things from the product depending on what they want to eat, how they want to eat and where they want to eat. From our interviews and questionnaires we have been able to identify the task and experience related goals they might want.
We looked at a typical scenario of what situation our product could be used in, the stages of eating and cleaning processes they would go through. From this we gained a more organised understanding of the processes in working the product. We can take forward this in our mind to tailor the design to suit this situation and make it more convenient to eat on the train.
We looked at different countries that the inter-railers mainly visit. From this we can look at the types of places they can stay in these countries and any general paths/holiday tickets they can buy when travelling through each destination. We have looked into them and most of the countries will require the inter-railer to be outside and on the go in order to see different sight seeing locations and famous places within the country. Knowing the different countries will also help us later on when we are looking at the PEEST analysis, looking at the different legislations and laws within the countries.
We looked at budgeting to see what amount people spend on the trip, whether they budget and how this affects their eating habits. We found that it is largely dependant on the persons starting budget, and what their priorities are during the holiday. From our questionnaires we derived that the main priorities for people was the activities and experiences they would complete, such as seeing famous landmarks for example. This means that food is lower down in importance, however is an essential part of the inter-railing experience. Our product should therefore be the solution to aid the experiences they will have, to prevent people (especially young people) spending unneccessary money on food in tourist areas where prices are increased or eating out in general, having the convinient option of food on the go. We also found that a general recommendation for a daily budget would be around £20-£40, however this is strongly dependant on how long they go for and the activities completed that day.
Tripadvisor.com provides advice for people travelling abroad, this article is about the top destinations in Europe to visit, including the city and country, along with what not to miss when you are there. There are also then links to hotels at the bottom.

From our research we found that inter-railers will be visiting many different geographical locations and taking part in a wide range of activities, so the environment will be heavily varied. Our product must be designed to compliment this and be suitable for various locations.
Modes of transport used in cities will vary, so the product must fit in with these regulations.
We have also come to the conclusion that it must fit in with inter-railing culture, such as being cool and modern, having a social quality to it and to be heavily linked with social media platforms.
The direct website to go to for Interrail passes and all the necessary information on the trip, how to book, popular destinations, prices and more. There is details on trains, railways, plans and countries to give potential customers.
This website gives information about interrailing among other things, specifically aimed at young people on a gap year before university, or graduates taking a year out after. It offers loads of relevant info on budgeting and what to visit.
Interailing do's and dont's
Consent Forms
We collected concent forms from all of our interviews and questionaire studies
Most go over budget, but it is fun to go on a budget. It is seen as part of the experience.
When using the product the user will want the least stressful experience possible, they do not want to feel like it is the easier option to just go out and get a meal from a local restaurant. They will also want this to be a product that is on trend as inter-railing is seen as a cool thing to do and experience. The product must not b seen as a hindrance to have when inter-railing around Europe, it needs to feel like an essential piece of kit when travelling.
In relation to the product the task that needs to be achieved is to either cook a meal on the go., keep a meal hot for a certain amount of time or be able to hygienically store food until it is required to be reheated. The priority of this design is to have something small and lightweight to be able to easily fit in the inter-railer's bag. As we have found out from our users research, it is vitally important that it is as compact as possible and some of the people we interviewed said that they would like it to have other functions, other than being an 0n-the-go food heating device. Choosing the right materials is also another main priority in order to keep it lightweight as well as provide the right insulation for the food. The device is most likely to be used when travelling so ensuring there is no naked flames is vital as trains and other modes of transport will not allow products like this to be carried on board. The main steps when using this product are as followed:
Being able to store it in baggage when travelling around
Store the necessary food within the product
Heat up/cook/keep warm when needed
Dispose of waste
Be cleaned efficiently
Stored back into bag until next meal
The target market will want this as we have seen that there is a large number of people who want to make their inter-rail experience as cheap and enjoyable as possible.
They will use it to save money and not have to eat out every night and they will be able to stay places without cooking facilities, which may work cheaper. It is also evident from our research that not all train services that go to and from cities have food and drink services on them, therefore long distant journeys could be inconvinient in terms of meal times, yet with our product they will be able eat whenever and wherever they desire.
It does seem to be acomon thing to drink, whether that is going out on a night out in the different cities, eating with a meal or going out for cocktails, this makes it a very sociable activity to do in order to meet other people inter-railing at the same time. Socialising depends on whom you travel with. It is apparent that couples who who went inter-railing were more interested in having a romantic holiday and not socialising as much, however friends or groups that went were more inclined to meet other inter-railers and get to know them by joining them on activities.
It is very common activity for interailers to blog their trips, whether that be on the diaries, on the internet or through pictures postes on instagram or other social media platforms. Most people were also keen to do things to do with the city they were in such as eat a meal from that country, visit the famous sites or immerse themselves in the culture.
From our research we can take forward a number of design intents and directions for our product. From the brand side we have gained an understanding of the brand DNA and language, from this the direction goes down the rugged robust landrover style. We want the product to give off a strongth versitile appeal that is also compact and lightwieght to fit into an interailers rucksack. The ideal product for our user invovled technology that heats food up quickly and takes a short amount of time to set up, ideally something with very little component parts to reduce the size of the product. Any time wasted on long cooking is wasted on a day of sight seeing or traveling to new places, with this inmind the product must be quick and effiecent. Adding to this cleaning will have to be easy due to the fact during the day there will be no where to maintain the product, for example the use of wipes would be needed and be easy to access and also clean the smell that the food will give off. Combining the idea of having the robust side of Land Rover and something that can be easily carried in an inter-railers back pack will drive us to design a strong and desireable product. Not only does it have to be robust to fit in with Land Rover, but also to suit the compactness of the inter-railers bag so that it doesnt get damaged in any way or so that the food is not squashed or leake over the bag. With regard to materials, from our insights, it had become clear that we should push technology forward by trying to reduce the use of synthetics and plastics with a more sustainably sourced material choice that considers the impact on the environment.
High quality
Supreme forms
High cost
Built for purpose
Clear stylistic direction
British aesthetics
Clear brand identity

At the start of our project we set out a list of the main areas we wanted to research and deligated sections to different people to research. Each part has been colour coded to the part we have each focused on. We helped each other out along the way and worked well as a group. We all worked on the insights of each sections just to ensure that we understood the parts we didn't directly research.
Most of our interviews and questionaires were done over skype so gaining a signiture proved tricky in some situations due to being on holiday and other issues
Hostel world is a website that searches hostels over the world. There are also things such as travel blog on there which is what we have looked at here.
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