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Barbra McClinton

No description

Maria Ibarra

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Barbra McClinton

Barbra McClinton

3rd out of 4 kids
.As a kid her parents changed her name because it didn't fit her personality ....It was Eleanor
.Lived with her aunt & uncles to reduce burdin

BORN. June 16,1902
DIED . September 21,1992 (age90)
Chromesomes in corn is what she discovered
Mostly thats the only thing that she is known for as well studied
She basically just discovered ingentic structure of maize.

How,,Where she did it
1919 began her studies in Agrivlture at Cornell College. Resived her PhD (doctor of philosophy) From the the Cornell University.
First she was invited to join student goverment.But prefered not to. So she went on with school 1983 she won a Noble Prize in Phisiology.
What tools were used
"Barbra" used a tool called cytogentictics which is that
Why so important ?
If it wasnt for Barbra we
wouldnt have known any-
thing about maize probaly
not yet
with that she was able to see small parts inside the
corn which makes it easier to see through.
Enjoy this nice picture of McClinton cx

age 90
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