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No description

Tamara Piedrahita

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Colombia

What do you know about us? 55.000 different plants with flowers 1871 kinds of birds Is the country with more biodiversity by square meter The country with most kinds of butterflys 3.500 More than 1025 different music rhythms Population: 46.295.000
Area: 1,141,748 KM Colombia What do we do? Festivities Poilitic story Clima: from the hottest on the desert to the coldest on the snow mountain Altitude: from 0 to 5775 meters to sea level Our story In 1524 were the first british people on USA ground In 1510 were the first spanish people on colombian ground. British families came to start a new life Independence 1776 They brought slaves to work for the families Spanish people came after the war to "explore" and exploit the Colombian territory They brought slaves to exploit the gold and used the indians for the same work Independence 1819 America was found on 1492 Colombia USA 1948 Political Parties War 2002 President Alvaro Uribe and relative peace 1990 Pablo Escobar; major drug dealer and murderer 1964-now Guerrilla groups more than 50 unpeaceful years Hoy:
Careless president Juan Manuel Santos, danger feels very close Colombian rivers Amazon river-Colombia Sloth Craft fishing Exotic fruits and flowers Coffee Colombian desert My Family Susi Varo Palma Macarena no olvidar video. en decargas o buscar en el iphone pasado Susi Luismi Susi, Pauli, Tati Any Anti y el coste Feria de las flores
Medellín Carnaval de Barranquilla Leyenda vallenata
Valledupar animal husbandry Oil Gold Emeralds Textiles political parody Gold and emeralds Coal I hope you come and visit us in Colombia!
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