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John Reynolds

No description

Ysenia Xavier

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of John Reynolds

John Reynolds
Georgia's first royal Governor
He wanted the colonist to help run the government
he set up a legislative and court system
During the first time the dedicates met, they couldn't agree on military defense. So John Reynolds sent them home and tried to govern himself
What went Wrong?
Royal Georgia
Colonist started getting angry and wrote to the king, eventually Reynolds was fired.
In the End...
Henry Ellis
He was the second royal governor
When he was governor the population of Georgia grew to 10 thousand including 3,600 slaves
Ellis continued to be a popular governor, but he grew ill and asked the king if he could return
James Wright
He was the third and final royal governor
He completed the defenses around savanna
He continued to help the economy through out his time. By allowing farmers to borrow money and get more land. He also made more schools and with this more people were being educated. He started making bigger houses.
In the End...
Although while he was governor the economy continued to grow the american revolution started and ended his time as a royal governor
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