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the journey of bob the burrito through the digestive system

the exciting journey of a happy peice of food on a journey through the digestive system

B Embleton

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of the journey of bob the burrito through the digestive system

the journey of bob the burrito through the digestive system
have you ever wondered what it is like to be eaten well you are about now

by Brandon Embleton

This is Bob the burrito he is about to be eaten

day 1
I am chewed by the molars and ripped apart by the canine teeth. I am turned into a substance called bolus
by a bear!
day 1
I am covered in enzymes from the saliva the tongue's rough surface brushes against me the enzymes help me break down.
day 2
weee! down I go.Peristalisas allows me to go down the right tube.

day 3
the stomach
ahhhhhhh! I am in what appears to be a giant enclosed swimming pool with funky water, It was gastric acids. The acid breaks down the food and helps the body digest
day 4
in the duodenum being sprayed by pancreatic juices
here i am being given a shower with juices from the pancreas the juices down broken down some of the chemicals that can not be broken down by the stomach
day 5
in the duodenum of the small intestine being sprayed by the bile
It's like a water slide of bile the gallbladder stores the bile and holds it until It is time to squirt the food with it.
the small intestine
day 6
i am going through a tube I can feel it sucking up all my nutrients. I am almost out of the body.
large intestine
day 7
the large intestine
I am being stripped of every ounce of nutrients I am being turned into a weird substance.
day 8
the rectum and anus
I have reached the rectum and will soon be traveling through it to the anus in my new form.
day 9
the toilet
I have completed my journey out of the body and into the toilet.
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