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3D Printing

No description

Julia Liu

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of 3D Printing

What can be Made
3D Printers Brands
The first working 3D printer was made in 1984 by Charles W. Hull of 3D System Corp
Hull invented stereolithography which is a printing process of the 3D printer
A number of patent on the concept of 3D printing was published by Hull
It wasn't known back then as it was very expensive and wasn't feasible for consumers
3D Printing

3D printing is more professional called Additive Manufacturing
It is a process of making a object from a digital file to a real substance
It is a process of placing layers on top of layers until the entire object is complete.
What is 3D printing?
In the 21st century, the cost dropped drastically which allowed it to be on a more affordable market.
The cost of 3D printers was ranging from about $20,000 in 2010 to 2013
Now some are less than $2,000 today
Some printers are being developed under the cost of $1000 which makes the technology increase its availability to the average consumer
Cost of 3D Printers
By: Julia L.
Background Information
Issue Arising
Pros & Cons
My Opinion
Issue Arising
DO you think 3d printing should only be used for industrial purposes?
My Opinion
Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing is the name for this new developing technology.
Additive manufacturing is the complete opposite of Subtractive manufacturing
Subtractive manufacturing is the process of removal from a material to create something
This mean that additive manufacturing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model
Process of 3D Printing
Home 3D Printers
Makerbot Industries
Type A Machines
Industrial 3D Printers
3D Systems
3D printers can print customizable objects.
Companies usually generalize their products, while 3D printers allow for quick and easy customization.
People can customize what they want before it is printed
Makerbot created a program called Customizer
Customizer is a simple way to customize 3D objects that you can share, download and print!
Manufacturing Options
3D printing provides a wide variety of manufactured products, including customizable products and even an individual personal design
Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
Products can quickly go from just a design to an actual prototype
Producing a large number of final products would be equally fast
Traditional Manufacturing
Usually is faster and cheaper to manufacture additional products that would be needed eventually
Additive Manufacturing
Only the products needed would be manufactured and extra products would not be needed
Warehousing of excess inventory would significantly decrease
More Jobs
3D Printers creates more jobs that includes
Engineers: To design and build 3D printers.
Technicians: To maintain and fix 3D printers.
Artist and Designers: To design, create, and sell products.
Bio printing is a 3D printer but it uses cells to make human body parts/organs
Researchers in medicine developed techniques for recreating replacement joints, a tissue that closely resembles human skins, and organs
In fact, a human liver is expected to be printed this year
When people rely on bio printing more, minor cuts, or burns would easily be treated with a 3D printer
About 3D Printing
One problem about the 3D printers is counterfeiting or production of "fake" object
Anyone with the blueprints of an object will be able to print it without paying anything
Would be more common and difficult to trace the source of the copied items
Copyright holders would have a challenging time protecting their rights
Dangerous Items
Some people would use 3D printing to create dangerous items
Working weapons such as guns and knifes can be printed with the click of a button and a few hours
Cody Wilson is the founder of Defense Distribute
They are currently working on producing the world's first fully 3D printed gun called Wiki Weapon.
Limited Materials
3D printers uses filaments or ink cartridges
Filaments are made of limited materials
Plastic is one of the main choices that can be melted into layer to make products but it is very expensive
Some 3D printing companies sell ink made out of sugar, chocolate, metal materials and even living cells
Manufacturing Limitations
Size is a limitation for the home 3D printers
The home 3D printers are small so the products would be tiny
Personal customizable products and personal designs are also challenging to make
Required the skills to make a blueprint for a object
3D printers can be about $1000 or more
The cost of the printer has to do with the size of the printer
The price of 3D printers will continue to come down
Filaments are expensive and the price would not be cheaper than the materials they represent
One filament is currently about $50 or more but it depends on the weight and type of filaments
About 3D Printing
Customizable Products
The End
3D printing is a process of making a real object from a digital file
The digital file is a Computer Aided Design (CAD file) as a 3D modeling program
The file is made from scratch or with a 3D model created by a 3D scanner
After the model is created, it will be sent to a 3D printer and the program slices the design into hundreds or more likely thousands of horizontal layers
These layers will then be printed on top of the other until the entire object is complete.
Do you think 3D printing should only be used for industrial purposes
YEs or No
Do you think 3D printing should only be used for industrial purposes
YEs or No
A lot of objects can be made from 3D printing.
Models of Building
Parts of Clothing
And much MORE!
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