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No description

Joy Griffin

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Conclusions

Think About:
Have I wrapped up all the loose ends?
Have I ended at the best place?
Did I give my reader something to think about?
Types of Conclusions
: Rounds up the piece's main points

: Refers back to the lead as a reminder of the main point stated at the beginning.

Thematic Reprise
: reflects on the piece's meaning and provides the take-away message.
Ending with a Sense of Resolution
Fabulous end leaves the reader satisfied.
Ties up all the paper's loose ends.
Share with
your table
"That's all I have to say about G.P.A.s"
"Thank you for reading my paper."
"Then I woke up and its all a dream!"
"The End"
Revise this ending
These are the three reasons I believe every student should have a laptop. I hope I have persuaded you to provide a laptop for every student. Thank you for reading my paper.
Types of Conclusions
Encouraging Message: concludes with a "pep talk," making the reader feel optimistic
Quotation: concludes with a direct statement that sums up the piece
Three Reasons
1. Students deserve access to computers.

2. Use it for school work

3. Using the internet for up to date research
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