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Dress Code

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Dress Code

Dress Code
Kids everywhere are against dress codes. Many will not listen, giving the school a strict reason to have a uniform, and no one likes a uniform. No one. However, if students learn to follow dress codes, then there will be no uniform.
A few good examples of reasonable dress codes are no athletic shorts, so that no one will pants, no spaghetti straps, so that girls will not accidentally show too much, and no short shorts or short skirts, so that students can focus on their work, not others.
Better Environment
It has been proven that with a dress code, students have a better learning environment, and have better behaviors*, because when students dress like a punk, they start to act like one, and no one needs to have a person shooting spit balls or putting tacks on chairs.
It's Ok
No one will judge you if you are not wearing something "In" right now if you are properly following the dress code. You are only trying to avoid bad things to come, so there is nothing wrong. Ask yourself this: Would you rather wear something that will be cool, but possibly get a detention, or wear something appropriate and not be judged at all? (Hint: The answer is the second one, if you didn't know.)
There are a few negative affects of a dress code Students may not be able to fully express themselves, bringing them down, and eventually turning the school into a depression hub. However, that is the Hollywood (A.K.A. Dramatic) outcome. Patrick used to be really mad at the no athletic shorts rule, but now he fine, after he saw kids pantsing each other in fifth grade. When you think about it, a dress code is not that bad.
In conclusion, a dress code is a pretty good idea, because without one, people could be wearing inappropriate things to school, like things with guns, which will affect the mood of everyone in the school, creating a bad environment. Basically, the dress code is the line between a good future generation, and a bad one, when you get right down to it. If you learn to accept it, everything just works out.
* = http://articles.mcall.com/2009-09-26/news/4448069_1_dress-code-question-administrators-math-test
I Know
Alex has had an encounter with this type of problem. He HATED the idea of not being able to wear what he wanted, but then, he got a call from his cousin saying he would be late to a visit because of detention for wearing a shirt with guns on it. That changed Alex's whole look at dress codes. His cousin also said that the shirt had gotten other kidsto shoot spit balls and fly paper airplanes in class. Alex now knows why dress codes exist now.
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