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Age of Exploration: China and Japan

No description

victoria borras

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Age of Exploration: China and Japan

Grew rice, and other new crops

Sons over daughters
Females not valued

Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Zhan

Historical China and Japan Age of Exploration Government: China Culture China Trade China Religion Ming Dynasty
First emperor: Hongwu
Drove Mongols out of China
Various agricultural reforms

Qing Dynasty
+260 years
First Emperor: Kangxi
Reduced government expenses, lowered taxes
Expanded Chinese borders Government: Japan Feudalism
Warrior chieftains
Controlled parts of land
Warlords provided security
Emperor is a figure head

Tokugawa Shogunate
Emperor: Still a figurehead
Shoguns ruled
Brought order to Japan Society
Very structured
Confucian influence

Females still not valued

skits about modern life
silent, with elaborate costumes
Haiku China Japan Isolation
Countries had to
follow Chinese rules to trade (kowtow)
Pay tributes
Only special ports

Traded mostly with Dutch
Gave gifts to emperor
Preformed necessary rituals Japan Traded with Portuguese
Introduced guns
Brought Christian ideas
Japanese later persecuted Christians
Adapted Closed Country policy
Only one port open for trade -Confucian beliefs
-Islam was also well developed
-Christianity was banned in Qing dynasty Japan Zen Buddhism
Spiritual enlightenment through meditation
Persecuted by the Shogunate
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