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No description

Haley Wright

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of CNN

The main CNN page posts on a variety of subjects, but the CNN Politics page posts frequently on the election and politics

- Posted once on subject matter not related to the election
- Posted 13 times in reference to the election
CNN on Facebook
CNN on Instagram
The CNN twitter is less likely to post frequently on the election, but CNN Politics covers the subject
- Tweeted 17 times about the election
- Tweeted 35 times about the election
CNN on Twitter
Cable News Network
Social Media Critque
By: Haley Winn and Pilar Curtis
Senior Political Reporter at CNN
- Posted twice on Facebook for the first time in nine days
Focused on Rubio for re-election in Florida
- Tweeted over 20 times and posted on Facebook three times
Included videos, pictures, interviews, etc.
Most active on days when he is covering stories or doing a live broadcast to advertise - less likely to post on his days away from coverage
Manu Raju's Social Media
Best Practices
CNN categorizes their accounts into specific subjects
Organizes their content so it's easier for readers to find
They post a variety of stories on their main Facebook and Twitter accounts
Have a variety of posts such as gifs, pictures, and videos
Frequent tweets
Constantly getting news
They don't over-use breaking news alerts
Engaging thumbnails
CNN on Snapchat
Manu Raju isn't extremely present on his social media accounts
Often goes days without posting on his Facebook and Twitter
Election season
Should engage with his followers
CNN's website
May be overwhelming to audience
Website should be more user-friendly
Recent addition to their social media platforms
Started in 2015
Can be found in the Discover tab on Snapchat
Have the option to click "Read" to be taken to the article
Advertises their content to a younger audience
Breaking news alerts
Can save stories to read later
Organized with "Top Stories" listed first
In addition to the main CNN Instagram, there are accounts for specific subjects. CNN Politics covers the presidential election
Didn't post on 8/30, and their 8/16 post was not election related
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