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Elysia Subornata

No description

Tanya Q

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Elysia Subornata

What exactly is Elysia Subornata?
Elysia Subornata is a sea slug that is around 2 inches long and has a greenish to brownish appearance
Where is it located? What pelogic zone?
Elysia Subornata is located in the West Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea
They are found in the Epipelagic zone
What makes this species unusual?
The species can potentially be used as a biological control agent
Elysia Subornata
Caulerpa Taxifolia (AKA Killer Alage) is taking over the Mediterranean Sea!
How can we solve this problem?
With Elysia Subornata of course!
By Tanya Qureshi
Why can't we control Killer Algae?
Its leaves have a toxic chemical which tastes bad to fish and other potential predators
Elysia Subornata is unaffected by the poison and feeds on the algae
It is one of the few species that feeds on Killer Alage
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