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No description

jay strothers

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Tonga

Tonga Tonga's latitude and location

Tonga’s latitude is 21 degrees south and 175 degrees west
It is located in Oceania, archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. Tonga includes many islands. To be exact, 136. Climate

Is is usally warm in the monthes of December to May. That is different to our time of "summer".
It is in a tropical region and is affected by trade winds.
On avg. the tem in degress celsius for Tonga is around 26 degress celsius.
The avg rainfall is about 100. Reasons why I wanted to vist tonga
is because of the lush area. It is in the tropical region of the world and for that it is warm their. their is fun things to do there to like swiming and visting their attractions.
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