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Project 1

No description

Herbert Chen

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Project 1

Project 1
Herbie Chen

It happens every day. It's happening right now. Is anyone safe?
Success? Sort of...
Did manage to quit cold turkey for a week
Inescapable part of life
Scaling back is possible
Future career will revolve around reading
A Brief History of Reading
A solitary childhood; library, encyclopedia set
Free or close to it (used books, internet)
Way to escape the present
Has become my main activity
Stage 1 Journal Excerpt

"No idea what to do for this project really. My life is pretty stable right now. I do the basic human functions. I go to school. I read. Sometimes I eat out with my sister. Maybe driving can be something to focus on? I don't think I have road rage but I do get mad when someone cuts me off and then drives insanely slow. My sleeping habits aren't too good, probably. I feel like this project should be on something that is glaringly obvious. It shouldn't take this much thought to figure out what I need to change."
Stage 1 Chart of Reading
Stage 2 Journal Excerpt
"Alright I'm set. Reading it is. I do have to wonder how in depth I should record each instance of "reading." Does schoolwork count? Or how about signs on the road, or a restaurant menu? Seems pretty inescapable. I think for now I will only consider reading that is not necessary. The other instances are just a fact of life for everyone."
Stage 2 Chart of Reading
Stage 3 Journal Excerpt
"What the hell was I thinking? I can't write for the same amount of time I spent reading before. My hand is literally cramping. If I type any more I might get carpal tunnel syndrome too. At least reading doesn't really give you injuries besides poor eyesight. I think I need to find a TV show that I can really get into; otherwise I'm gonna go crazy here."
Stage 3 Chart of Writing/TV
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