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No description

Nathan Young

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of RE5R05A

RE5R05A Gear Train 5 Forward Gears
1 Reverse Gear
Lepelletier Planetary Gearset
3 Planetary Gearsets
3 Different sets of Gear Ratios Failsafe Mode 2nd
5th 2nd Gear Failsafe 4th Gear Failsafe Input Clutch Solenoid
Direct Clutch Solenoid
High and Low Reverse Clutch Solenoid
Front Brake Clutch Solenoid (On) A/T Interlock Judgement failure Manual Mode 5th Gear
4th Gear
3rd and 2nd Gear
1st Gear (Normal Driving) (Long Slopes & Engine Braking) (Steeper Slopes & Engine Braking) (Very Steep Slopes & Engine Braking) Vehicle Application Infiniti Nissan 09-10 EX35
03-08 FX35
03-08 FX45
03-08 G35
06-08 M35
02-06 Q45
04-10 QX56 03-09 350Z
04-06 Pathfinder
04-06 Armada
05-08 Xterra Holding and Reaction Components One way Clutches Bands Pressure Clutches Forward Clutch
1st Clutch
3rd Clutch Front Brake band Input Clutch
High & Low/Reverse Clutch
Direct Clutch
Reverse Brake Clutch
Forward Brake Clutch
Low Cost Brake Clutch
Torque Converter Clutch Valve Body Pressure Regulator Valve Front Brake Control Valve Accumulator Control Valve Pilot Valve A Pilot Valve B Low Coast Brake Switching Valve Low Coast Brake Reducing valve N-R Accumulator N-D Accumulator Torque Converter Lubrication Valve Torque Converter Regulator Valve High&Low/Reverse
Clutch Valve Input Clutch
Control Valve Direct Clutch
Control Valve Direct Clutch Piston Switching Valve TCC Control Valve Cooler Bypass Valve Line Pressure Relief Valve Front Lubrication Valve 1.Line Pressure Solenoid
2.Low Coast Brake Solenoid
3.High and Low Solenoid
4.Front Brake Control Solenoid
5.Input Clutch Control Solenoid
6.Direct Clutch Solenoid
7.TCC Solenoid 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 5th Gear Failsafe Front Brake Clutch Solenoid (Off)
Turbine Revolution Sensor 1 or 2
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