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Paperless ACP Student Registration

No description

Advanced Credit

on 8 January 2018

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Transcript of Paperless ACP Student Registration

Complete your application
Paperless Student Application/Registration
Getting Started
go to:
click on:
Choose your high school from the drop-down list and click continue
Log in using your Google (Gmail), Facebook, or Yahoo account
If somebody else is already logged into Google, Facebook, or Yahoo on your computer, clicking one of these buttons will link to THEIR user information, not yours. Make sure all other computer users are logged out of Google, Facebook, or Yahoo before clicking one of these links!
This presentation will use Google sign in as an example:
Sign into your account
Click Allow.....
...and your Google (or Yahoo or Facebook) account information will be listed on this screen
Create your Profile
Enter you personal information here. If your parents are filling this out for you, make sure they enter YOUR name and social security number, not theirs or your brother's or sister's
This page confirms the data you entered
If anything on this page needs to be corrected, hit the browser back arrow to be taken to the previous screen
If everything is correct, click Continue to create Profile
After you have entered your personal info for your profile and double checked its accuracy, this green check mark will appear
Next, fill out your application by clicking "Click here to complete"
PARENT'S email address cannot be the same as the student's. This email address will receive an email with a link to "approve" your participation in UMSL's Advanced Credit Program. If you do not enter an accurate email address, your parent will not be able to approve your participation, and you will not receive UMSL credit.
STUDENT's email address. Look for future emails with needed info about your online UMSL MyView account from @umsl.edu email addresses. They will be sent to this address.
your address
your city
your county
your zip code
Fill in your middle name (if you have one), permanent address (the address at which you live), and phone number
Written correspondence from UMSL, including tuition statements, will be mailed to this address. An incorrect address could result in being dropped from UMSL credit for non payment.
Double check for accuracy
Only fill out this section if your MAILING ADDRESS
is different
than your PERMANENT ADDRESS (the one you already entered)
Fill in all of the requested info
If you have ever registered for UMSL ACP credit, click YES
If you don't have your UMSL ID number available, it's OK. Just leave this blank
Foreign students only. Fill in your correct visa status. This will be F-1, J-1, H-1, etc.
Selecting Courses
Once you have entered your
profile information
and your
application data
, the next step is
choosing courses
St. Louis Area High
Select up to 4 courses from the drop-down menu. If you need to add a 5th or 6th course, choose 4 courses, click agree and submit, THEN contact the UMSL ACP office to have additional courses added
After you click agree and submit, your parent/legal guardian will receive an email through which they must grant you permission to participate....

...and your principal or counselor will log onto the UMSL ACP online registration system and approve your eligibility. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT THEM
Cumulative GPA requirements:
Sophomore - 3.0
Jr. or Sr. - 2.5
After Selecting Courses
You have completed your part of the UMSL ACP registration/application. CONGRATULATIONS!
What next???
The email address entered as the "student email" on the application will receive this email
The email address entered as the "parent or legal guardian" email will receive this email
When they click the link, they will be redirected......
.... to this screen
After they click "agree and submit electronic signature".....
... you can log back in and see that your parent/guardian has approved
Paying your tuition
You will receive a billing statement in the mail AFTER the registration period has closed
Click Continue
It will be addressed TO YOU, not your parents
It will be sent to the address you entered on your online application
UMSL mail is no longer junk mail - don't throw it away
Your statement contains your UMSL student ID number
Your statement lists methods of payment
Submit a payment by the due date listed in order to avoid late fees and interest charges
Tuition must be paid IN FULL by the end of the semester of
(Click the forward arrow below to advance to the next slide)
Click this symbol in the bottom right corner to expand the presentation to full screen
You can keep logging back in through the registration close date to see if your counselor has approved
Double check
for accuracy
Click Continue
If identical email addresses were entered for both student and parent or there were typos in the email addresses on the previous page, the next screen will be the message below.
If you correctly entered different student and parent email addresses without typos, you will go on to select courses, as pictured in the next slide.
If you reach this message, click the back arrow in your browser window to go back and make the necessary corrections to the email addresses. Then hit "continue" at the bottom of that screen and move on to course selection
2018 Spring
2018 Spring
2018 Spring
2018 Spring
Spring 2018
2018 Spring
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