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Start Sketching

What blocks you?

Steve Franklin

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Start Sketching

If you start with a sketch that you don’t like, you can simply scribble over it, or throw it out.

If you draw lightly, you can correct with darker lines on top.

With practice, you can creatively turn mistakes into beautiful drawings.

Part of something can always be erased, if you use a pencil.
Inner Critic
Shut up,
Inner Critic!
Goal: Create
You are most important!
The voice inside your head:
“You can’t draw. No! It will look horrible! Your drawing will not look like what it is supposed to look like...”
Start Sketching! Have courage. Become aware of your own inner critic and don't let it prevent you from making art. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.
Who is most

Leonardo Da Vinci?
Pablo Picasso?
Your favorite artist?

What blocks you from beginning a sketch?
What's the worst that can happen?
The Inner Critic
Let’s respond to the
inner critic

You can’t draw
The inner critic cannot draw. The inner critic only knows how to criticize. If you can write, you can draw. If you can make marks, you can draw.

It will look horrible

Who cares? Everybody, including artists, has both beautiful drawings, and ugly drawings within them. If you have some ugly drawings within you, then get them out by drawing them. Get those ugly drawings out of you so you can begin letting the beautiful ones out!
Conquer your fear.
Learn to turn off your inner critic.
Become aware of your inner critic and learn to shut it off.
Let's make our own two lists:
Make your chart with titles:
Inner critic/Reality (Voice of Reason?)
Divide below titles with a line.
Choose three or so statements that you think would come from an inner critic on one side; then three or so statements from the reality column.
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