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Housing Session 2018-2019

No description

Kimberley Morrow

on 19 June 2018

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Transcript of Housing Session 2018-2019

Discussion Topics:
-Why Live On Campus? -Freshmen Residency Requirement -Services
-Housing Deadline -Academic Year Contract -Housing Assignments
-Dining Services and Meal Plan Options
Why Live on Campus?

Freshman Residence Halls
Sevier $2,900/Semester
Blount $2,900/Semester
Harvill $2,900/Semester
Higher Grades- Students who live on campus achieve higher GPA’s than those who commute. This past year the average was 2.95 cumulative/campus-wide.
Feeling Good About Yourself-Students are more likely to have better positive self image, enhanced self confidence, public speaking ability and similar measures of self reliance.
Participation in extra curricular activities - Potential employers love this!
Convenient- 6 minutes from anything on campus.
Great Reasons to Live on Campus!
Gov's Terrace N & S & Eriksson
Castle Heights $3,450/Semester
No monthly bills- Housing and meals are paid for on a semester basis. Your internet, cable, laundry, furniture, wireless access, in house movies/information channel are all included and no gas costs for your car. It is all included in your Housing.
Safety- We have staff on duty 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. RA’s, RHD’s and Central Office staff are there for you. Public Safety officers roam campus housing daily.
Great College Experience- Live and Learn here. Get that “education outside the classroom.” Late night study groups, pizza at 1 am, late night talks, positive relationships with others all lead to a well rounded student.
No Need to Cook or Clean Up- Great meals are prepared for you so no time wasted shopping for groceries, cooking or cleaning dishes. Just like home.
Great Reasons to Live on Campus!
Meningitis Immunization Requirement
Effective Fall 2013, all freshman housing students must have the meningitis vaccine.
Please contact Health Services for details on immunization records.
You must have this complete prior to Fall check in or you won’t be able to check into your room.


Freshman Residency Requirement
All first time freshman who are not married and under twenty-one (21) years of age and not residing with their parents or legal guardian within a 50-mile radius of the University, must live on campus for their first two academic semesters.
This form is on line at the Housing webpage.

Monthly payment plans
10 month housing contract- winter break.
Free Laundry-No quarters needed!
Extended Basic Digital Cable -90 channels
Lobbies & Kitchens
Internet Services/Wireless
1 Gig of bandwidth
Designated residential parking
Card Readers for access

Residence Hall Directors
Resident Assistants
Check Home Owners Insurance/Renter’s Insurance
Inventory items
A. Property - The University will be held harmless from any suit, action at law, or other claim whatsoever resulting from or arising out of damage or theft of property while the student is the occupant of the residence hall under this agreement except where damage or theft is due to the negligence of the University or its employees.

Rules and Regulations

All halls/apartments are Smoke-Free
Zero tolerance on Drugs
No Alcohol/Dry Campus
No Pets (exceptions: service animals and fish in 20 gallon tank or smaller)
Safety – using one card access
entrance, locking your door, walking
alone, using your peep hole…
Health and Safety Checks
What You Will Need To Bring
Linen- extra long twin
3M Command strips (for hanging pictures, etc.)
Iron with auto shut-off
Head/ear phones for electronics
Extensions cords with power strips
Eating Utensils
Desk Lamp
Clothes hangers
Laundry supplies
Ethernet cord for computers/laptops
Television Cable/Coax cord
What NOT To Bring
Hot pots/electric fry pans
Space heaters
Bed Risers
Dart boards
Industrial Strength stereos
Expensive jewelry/collectibles
Amplified instruments
Fire arms, hunting knives, martial arts equipment
Microwaves with power greater than 1000 watts
Refrigerators larger than 5.0 cubic feet
Based on availability
“In-hall Changes”
“Great Change Day”
Check your APSU student email account often! This is how APSU communicates important information to you!
*A prepayment of $100 must be processed before your room and meal plan are confirmed for academic year.
How to locate your roommate
Go to
Log-in using your AP Onestop username and password
Click on current housing info
Click roommates

Housing Log-In
Housing Deadlines

July 1
Academic Year Application

Last day to cancel prepayment and receive refund

Please go to AP Self Service by clicking on the following link http://webss.apsu.edu or through OneStop by clicking the following link http://onestop.apsu.edu to pay and/or confirm your classes.

Confirming Fall Classes
The student agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of the license agreement:

I. LICENSE AGREEMENT PERIOD (If not checked, it will be considered academic year)
Academic Year (August-May)
Spring Semester Only (January-May)

Occupancy of the residence hall room will be for the above period of time. It will extend from the announced opening of the residence halls until 24 hours after the students last final exam. Exceptions will be stated recesses of the University such as holiday closings. Occupancy of a residence hall room between semesters must have prior approval from the Office of Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services. When approved, an additional daily charge will be added. For graduating seniors, occupancy in the residence halls may be extended until 10 a.m. on the day after the graduation ceremony. The term of this agreement will begin on the weekend (see current rate schedule for specific dates and times) prior to classes for the specified fall term and will remain in effect until the day of the Student's last spring term examination or spring graduation date if the Student is among those ‘Students’ scheduled, in advance, to graduate.
Academic Year Terms- Student agrees to reside on campus for both the fall and spring terms, provided 'Student' enrolls in 'University' for both terms. Fall housing fees are due and must be paid during the fee payment period at the beginning of the f
term. Spring housing fees are due and must be paid during the fee payment period at the beginning of the spring term. (continues…visit Web site at www.apsu.edu/housing)

Austin Peay State University


Academic Year Contract

To “parents…of a dependent student” for federal tax purposes
Parents of college students have no general right to see their children’s records, even if the students are minors
Need to obtain a copy of parents’ most recent tax return or student’s confirmation to verify dependent status
Warning – Tell them about this before there’s a problem!
Does not apply to international students

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Housing on
Sevier Hall
(Female only, double occupancy)

Castle Heights
(Co-ed, double occupancy)

Governors Terrace North/South & Eriksson
(Co-ed, double occupancy)

Blount Hall
(All Male, double/single occupancy)

Harvill Hall (Co-ed, double/single occupancy, honors)
3.0 Cumulative GPA

Virtual Tours & Floor plans
Available online and in the Office of Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services, Room 121 Miller Hall.

Castle Heights & Sevier

During the year call Admissions Office to set-up tours
(931) 221-7661

Tour Location
Residents must have a meal plan each semester. (exception- Two Rivers and Emerald Hill Apartments)
Freshmen may select from these plans:Unlimited, 14 and 10

Meal exchanges
Meals are non-transferable
Plus Dollars rollover from Fall to Spring
Meal “allowance” renews each week
See Housing website for links to
Full meal plan agreement
Chartwells (dining contractor) web site
Change plans up to Great Change Day each semester


Dining Services

Meal plans available

Check in Dates for the Spring Semester

August 23rd, 800am - 3:00pm

Label all boxes and cartons
Two wheeled dolly might be helpful
Don't bring everything you own

Emergency Contact Card
Remember to stay involved in your family member lives while in college- email, letters, phone calls etc. Visits to campus. Call first!!
Let us know if you need anything. First, tell your student to take responsibility and handle it themselves. Work orders, etc. If no action, give us a call.

Final Thoughts
We’re on Facebook – Austin Peay Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services


Room 121, Miller Hall

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4596
Clarksville, TN 37044

Summer Office Hours
Monday- Friday,
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Main Office


Nontraditional/Family Housing

Office of Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services

Questions or Comments ?



What our students say about living on campus
Sign up at: https://www.getrave.com/login/apsu
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