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DREAMT6AM Delivery System

No description

Darin Gray

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of DREAMT6AM Delivery System

Plan of Attack
For this project, we brainstormed together and then...

Divided the work and conquered this project!
We built the alarm circuit, 555 astable timer, and logic circuit separately and combined them in the end.
We all experimented with the Arduino, some of us used Yenka and the 555 Timer Program.

Engineering Principles Used
In this project, we explored the fields of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering.

Electrical engineering basics:
charge, the amount of electricity
current, the flow of electric charge
voltage, the electric potential expressed in volts
resistance, opposition to the flow of electric current

Ohm's Law, which mathematically describes the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance.

What type of engineering even is this?
We learned how to use a breadboard, and also how to connect wires correctly. This can be applied to
electrical engineering

The purpose of this device was to safely deliver medicine to a patient, and therefore is part of
biomedical engineering

We used binary and Boolean Algebra to create a plan for our circuit which is related to
computer engineering
Lessons Learned
We learned that:
wiring a breadboard takes a lot of precision
a good color coding system is important
if batteries start to smoke, stop immediately!!!
If we could turn back time and start over...
We would be more organized and have a better plan after brainstorming.

We would brainstorm for a longer time.

We would do a better job of assigning roles.
The Process
Medicine Delivery System

6ccesses and Obstacles
We constructed the alarm pretty quickly and got it to work.
We were able to find most of our problems and resolve them.
We persevered through tough times!
There were times when the diagrams were hard to follow
Sometimes we didn't know how to make the circuits
We didn't understand what some of the parts did
Logic Circuit
Beginning of the Logic Circuit
Professor Gray helping us find shorts and fix crossed wires
Making the alarm circuit
The Lead-Up
Before we started the medicine delivery circuit we did smaller projects to prepare for this main project.

These included the college readiness, rock paper, scissors, and vending machine circuits

In these previous projects we learned the following:
Binary Code
Truth Tables
Boolean Algebra
Logic Gates and Circuits

College Readiness Logic Circuit

Putting together the timer, logic circuit and alarm
If We Could Improve Our Project
We would make the circuit look nicer and/or cooler

Make the alarm louder

Make the switches stand up straight, and easy to turn on

Get rid of all loose connections

Using Yenka
Leo, Rick, Tiana, Kylie, Dymier, Goutham
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