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Copy of Memoir Intro

No description

Emily Peters

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Memoir Intro

What is a Memoir? Based off a memory; a description of an event from the past Written in the first person POV;
told from one person’s point of view Based on the truth; real life experiences Reveals the personal feelings
of the writer Focused on one event;
about one point in the author’s life.
It is sometimes the expansion of a singular moment or thing. A memoir is an opportunity to reflect - to look
inside yourself and think about these questions:
- Why is this event/item of particular significance?
- What does it mean?
- How has something changed me?
- Why am I the person I am today because of this moment/thing? About the author’s experience
more than about the event or item itself Has a deeper meaning; shows what the
author learned from the experience Literary Nonfiction Autobiography Biography Memoir covers the
author's entire life:
very detailed written by an
outside author
covering the
life story of an individual the author
attempts to
share some
or a moment of truth based on a life event or instance How do autobiographies, biographies and memoirs differ? An author is very purposeful in crafting his/her memoir: - The author conveys a message for the reader
to interpret based on experiences presented
- The author conveys a clear tone and creates
a feeling for the reader
-The author crafts his/her story with figurative language,
so as to show expression, feelings with which the reader can relate
- May not incorporate EVERY element of plot; not necessarily
a linear plot
- Not about length - rather about DEPTH and meaning " A memoir celebrates people and places no one has ever heard of. And memoir allows us to discover and tell our own truths as writers” (Atwell, Nancie 1998). Defining a Memoir: A memoir is a type of autobiographical text in which
the author reflects on an important event or thing
from his/her past Example: An Unspoken Hunger
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