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Dagmar Kulišová - Curriculum Vitae

No description

Dagmar Kulišová

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Dagmar Kulišová - Curriculum Vitae

K u l i š o v á

Work Experience
Bachelor of Arts:
Hospitality Management
Master of Arts:
Professional and Business Communication
You are what you read...
A little bit about me...
The man who does not know other languages, unless he is a man of genius, necessarily has deficiencies in his ideas.
Victor Hugo

Please feel free to contact me at...
CZECH - Native language
ENGLISH - Bi-lingual (C2)
FRENCH - Advanced level (C1)
GERMAN - Intermediate level (B2 - B1)
SPANISH - Elementary level (A2)

I am very keen on constantly improving my language
skills through various courses and mainly self-study
Some of the books that I have
had the pleasure of reading:
Address Vinohradská 16, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Telephone +420 775 361 616
E-mail dagmarkulisova@gmail.com
Trade Fairs Brno Co.,
Brno, Czech Republic
• 2006 – 2013 (various exhibitions and events during this period)

• Trade fairs and exhibitions, events management

• Various positions held: liaison officer at the Press Center, receptionist at the Business Center, translator to exhibitors, photographer, assistant to the protocol dept., exhibitors' marketing surveys

• Main activities and responsibilities: Catering to the needs of journalists (at the Press Center) and exhibitors (at the Business Center), assisting at press conferences, translating English/Czech for foreign exhibitors, photographer of several diplomatic events, assistant to foreign delegations

Just Communication
Prague, Czech Republic
• 2012 (Nov) – 2013 (Apr)

• PR agency

• Position held: Assistant

• Main activities and responsibilities: Assistance to PR managers, translation of English/Czech, monitoring, assistance at press conferences, creation of texts, reports, analyses, presentations, communication with journalists

Cannes, France
• 2011 (Sept) – 2012 (Feb)

• Four star hotel

• Position held: Service in F&B department; Reception

• Main activities and responsibilities: Service in the hotel restaurant, breakfast, banqueting; Front office, check-in, check-out of guests, concierge

College of Tourism,
Hospitality Management and Wellness
Prague, Czech Republic
• 2007 – 2009

• Principal subjects: Management, Accounting, Law, Tourism, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Marketing, IT, Tourism Geography, Rhetoric, Gastronomy, Bartender and Sommelier course
Foreign languages: English, French, German, Spanish

University of Huddersfield Huddersfield, Great Britain
• 2009 – 2010

• Principal subjects: Management of Organizations, Strategic Management, Leisure Strategies & Issues, Hospitality Operational Analysis, International HRM for the Hospitality Industry

Institut Vatel
Nimes, France
• 2011

• Preparation Masters Course in Hospitality Management

• Principal subjects: Tourism Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, Hotel Environment, F&B Management, Accounting, Negotiation, Wines;

• Practical work in all departments of hotel

La Salle University
Philadelphia, USA
• 2012 – 2014

• Principal subjects: Organizational Communication, PR and Media Writing, Persuasion, Presentation Skills, PR Campaigns, Group and Team Communication, Principles of PR, Integrated Marketing Communication, Project Management

Languages which I speak and/or understand:
Carnegie, D. – How to Win Friends and Influence People
Collons, J. – Good to Great
Dubner, S.J., Levitt, S.D. – Freakanomics / Super Freakonomics
Duhigg, Ch. – The Power of Habit
Gladwell, M. – Outliers / Blink / The Tipping Point
Godin, S. – Permission Marketing / All Marketers Are Liars
Goleman, D. – Emotional Intelligence
Gross, R. – Psychology
Hardford, T. – The Undercover Economist
Lehler, J. - Imagine: How Creativity Works
Ogilvy, D. – Ogilvy on Advertising /
Confessions of an Advertising Man
Packard, V. – The Hidden Persuaders
Thaler, R.H., Sunstein, C.R – Nudge
Welch, J., Welch, S. – Winning / Winning: The Answers
On a regular basis I also read...
Marketing & Media
My Other Interests
• In my free time I like to study the history of art, and be creative through drawing and painting.

• I am an amateur photographer and consider myself to have a very high feeling for aesthetics.

• I find people fascinating, therefore I am also very interested in the field of psychology and continue to educate myself in that area.
Social Skills
• Due to my work experiences I have attained very good communication skills, the ability to work well in a team but also individually. I have also gained the knowledge of how the personal approach is important in any type of work.

• I have learned to be independent and confident in my own decisions.

• By living in different countries and working in a multicultural environment I have become very culturally aware, being able to respect people’s different backgrounds and cultures.

Organizational Skills
• On the whole, I am a very organized person - I have a sense of planning things out before I start working on them.

• Working on various projects I have always held the position of leader - knowing how to delegate work and organize the team so that it harmoniously accomplishes its main goal.

• I have taken on several projects by myself such as organizing various social events (galas, sports events) for schools I have attended.

• I have noticed that my performance is better under stress as I am a part of several ongoing projects at once, which can become challenging at times.

• 2014 (Jan) – now

• PR agency / Advertisement agency

• Position held: Account Executive

• Main activities and responsibilities: Assistance to PR managers, translation of English/Czech, monitoring, assistance at press conferences, creation of texts, reports, analyses, presentations, communication with journalists

•Assistance to advertising team, taking part in creating campaigns, creation of texts, reports, analyses, presentations

PR Konektor, Konektor
Prague, Czech Republic
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